An intense and motivational video by Nick Vision Motivation on the legendary Mr Olympia bodybuilder, Shawn Ray!



Being So Focused On My Goals - Shawn Ray Intense Bodybuilding Motivation!


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A major principle we harp on at Shawn Ray Elite Coaching is PATIENCE. We believe if you’ve neglected your body and health for the past 3 months, 3 years, and so forth, you shouldn’t think that it’s only going to take a 10-12 week program to get you back into peak shape (of course this depends on your starting point and many other variables). . The reason Shawn was so successful in his career is because he was patient, stayed disciplined, and worked hard day in and day out. That’s truly the success formula. . We currently just opened 5 new spots for our online training/coaching services. Be sure to visit us at: ShawnRay.Fitness and fill out the inquire/coaching form! We look forward to working with you all and helping you achieve your goals. . The Shawn Ray Elite Coaching Team: @shawnrayifbbpro x @natalieminh x @paulhovanjr #bodybuilding #training #coaching #success #goals

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