With the Mr Olympia just around the corner now, here’s a bit of motivation to get you in the zone!


Mr Olympia 2018, Bodybuilding Motivation


This moment is the moment of why I train, sacrifice, literally go into my darkest most fiercest place to become my best and be the best in the world. Throughout my life I have embraced being above average but more importantly I was always willing to compete at the highest level. It didn’t matter if it was basketball, running track or even playing cards, board games or video games I always wanted to be number 1! Everyone talks about being their best and that is awesome, but what about when the odds are against you and no one is there to help? Do you sit there waiting or do you complain and make excuses? Oh or do you blame those who are really achieving what you want for your own shortcomings? These are aspects I have understood very early on in my life growing up in a household where my parents both worked 50-60hrs a week so that I could have a better future. I had no brothers or sisters around to push me or to tell me to do this or that as it was always me wanting to be the best student, athlete, friend and also Son. I am Mr Olympia we all know this, but what I had to do to get here required a mindset which didn’t allow vacations, complaining, mediocrity, self pity, resentment toward others and the list goes on. What I did manage was to create a mind that would prepare for things no one thought was possible from being only 5’7 as a senior in high school earning a division 1 scholarship to graduating from a great university, to transitioning into a sport like bodybuilding which no basketball player would ever think of doing. I challenged myself throughout and I want you all to do the same. Don’t sell yourself short by being average. Be better each day. Learn to accept shortcomings as lessons which can lead to greatness if and only if you decide to never replicate that same process. I’m just under 9wks from the Olympia and I must say that this one means more than anyone could imagine. Remember when I said after my first two I was going for ten and people laughed, mocked and called me names??? Well I’m at 7 and now getting serious so let’s see how it unfolds. #PhilHeath #7xmrolympia #BeWell #BeYourself #DontSettleForAverage #bemisunderstood #itsOkToStandOut #BeYou

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The roaring Lion kills no prey?! Thatswhy still waters always runs deep? . . #Repost @this_is_bodybuilding ・・・ The man whom I believe is both Most Likely to Place 2nd at the 2018 Mr. Olympia and Most Likely to Be the Man to Eventually Succeed @philheath when Phil’s reign is completed is the great 2018 Arnold Classic Champion @william_bonac! It was my feeling that William should have placed 2nd last year as well. I see William as the most complete of Phil’s challengers. There is not a muscle group missing on the man. All is big, full, separated and finely conditioned. People sometimes knock him for being “narrow”…yep. They said that of Larry Scott and Phil Heath as well. Some knock him for his height. He’s the same height as 1982 Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson and about 2” taller than 2X Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu. And as the Arnold Classic Champion he beat guys up to 7” taller than himself. These things are Non-Factors when a Bodybuilder is as complete from a muscular standpoint as William is. When it comes to preparation and presentation William is one of the most solid pros in the game. He is pure class. He is greatness. This Olympia will serve to cement his legacy of one of the best of his era and set the tone for future achievements. The next great Mr. Olympia rivalry will not be contrived or designed to sell tickets. It will be a legitimate and tight battle between the two actual best Bodybuilders on the planet. At least that’s what I’m predicting here. Photos by the talented @charleslowthian. #williambonac #olympia #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #bethebiggerperson #tibbolympiapredictions #thisisbodybuilding —————————————————- #conquerorthefirst ?#kwasia ?? Powered by #teamusn #teamwawan With my coach @neil_yoda_hill1 my trainingspartner @candrick29 & compagnon @jeffreysuijkerbuijk #Ready4War?? @usnuk @usnkenya @usnsa @usnfit #Y3TDisciple #williambonac #arnoldclassic #mrolympia #alleyesonme #inspire #theconqueror #againstallodds #gameover #ghana #thatswhatsup #thisisbodybuilding #ifbbproleague

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