Regardless of whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight, or improve the flexibility of your body, rest assured, you can do it without an expensive membership at one of those fancy gyms.

Believe it or not, all you need to reach your fitness goals is the willingness and readiness to work out. There are a plethora of excellent exercises that will help you elevate your fitness condition and boost your mood.

Place #1: Your Home

The latest developments across the world only confirmed what had long been a well-known fact – your home is your castle in every sense of this word. The safest place on the entire planet, it is also the best one for working out. Of course, there are some awesome gym alternatives where you can practice yoga or try high-intensity interval training, but you know what? You can perform all these exercises at home, even without any special equipment. The best thing of all, you do not waste time commuting and can adjust your training schedule in accordance with your needs and possibilities. 

If your house or apartment has enough space for a couple of trainers, then you can easily set up your own home gym. Depending on your fitness goals, you can opt for an advanced functional trainer, a treadmill, or a stationary bicycle, all designed for delivering impressive results. Well, fitness equipment is still an investment, so to stay true to the motto “without spending a dime”, stick with calisthenics, yoga, cardio training, and such easy to perform yet incredibly effective exercises as jumping jacks, spinal twists, forward falls, and others.


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Place #2: Your Neighborhood

Your neighborhood is another cool place to work out and have a lot of fun at the same time. Your options are really infinite, from running or walking to cycling, skating, playing basketball. We bet your city or town has a popular adult sports league or more of them, hence do not hesitate to join your local community if you fancy soccer, baseball, volleyball, or another engaging sport. They organize a range of exciting events that will not only let you breathe fresh air but also meet new people, which is always great. 

By the way, in case you are a passionate runner, you don’t necessarily have to follow the same boring pattern day after day. Why not sign up for one of the community races and enjoy the company of a great many people who share your passion and interests?

Place #3: A City Park

It’s great if you live near a beautiful city park where you can enjoy sunny weather, fresh air, green trees, at the same time working out towards your dream body. Many parks nowadays offer a wide range of sports options for people who promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Depending on the facilities available at your local park, you can enjoy a dedicated open workout area with a nice assortment of basic trainers, as well as lines for runners with special soft flooring. Even if your park doesn’t have all the aforementioned stuff, you can always bring your yoga mat with you. Needless to say, you can take advantage of walking, running, cycling, and playing one of the popular ball sports or badminton and squash. 


punching bag speed bag boxing


Place #4: The Great Outdoors

Nothing compares with the benefits brought by exercising in the great outdoors. Well, if you live in a city, you’ll need to spend a certain time getting there but once you are surrounded by nature, the sky’s the limit. Now, everything depends on the landscape and your personal preferences, but do not forget that hiking is arguably one of the best and healthiest activities out there. Alternatively, you can opt for exploring one of the trails in the mountains to perform your usual cardio workout on the peak.

Wittiness aside, mother nature provides us with a myriad of opportunities to exercise in a healthy environment. If your area takes pride in a river or lake suitable for swimming, do not miss the opportunity to hone your swimming skills and give a boost to the muscles of your whole body. Naturally, if you live near the ocean and can enjoy a sandy beach whenever you want, we can’t help but simply envy you.


girl run outdoors


Whatever your fitness goals, you can reach them without having to go to the gym. If anything, it’s not only a matter of money – can you think of something better than being able to work out whenever and wherever you want? These four cool places are great for the perfect training sessions of your choice.


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