The word ‘yoga’ is a combination form of mind and body practice. A beginner or a learner is one who is just starting to learn a skill or have an interest in the work. The work may be different from one person to another. In this busy schedule and monotonous life, if we give a little time to yoga then it will be quite beneficial for us. 

The best thing of yoga or the beauty of yoga is that one must not be a yogi to practice the postures or the poses. These postures can be performed by both elders as well as young children. The yoga is performed by overweight as well as fit and fine people. Overweight people can improve their health by doing yoga daily. Yoga also helps to keep ourselves calm and achieve peace of mind. These postures also help to give strength in our body. The last thing, is that yoga is for everyone. 


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A beginner’s guide to Yoga:

A beginner’s yoga is paced slowly as well as their orientation is detailed. Beginners can use props like belts, blocks as well as pillars to help with the yoga postures. This helps to do the postures correctly and also in correct alignment. The similar styles that are performed by the beginners are known as Anusara yoga as well as viniyoga.

For a beginner, yoga should be practiced three times a week. The program known as the Yoga program is recommended to practice three times a week. This program is performed before going to sleep. This is performed only for 10 minutes and this practice is quite helpful. For the beginners into yoga these postures can help to improve flexibility and acquire some benefits. If a person practices more then their progression will be much higher. 

The beginners must learn the basic postures first. They must be taught to first warm their bodies before initializing the yoga steps. Yoga is for everyone. 

If a person who has started yoga also has some medical issues, they can still practice yoga. There are alternative yoga postures for them. Some yoga postures are done that are practiced safely and securely. If someone is overcoming an injury or they are suffering from poor health conditions then they must first go to the doctor to ask for permission whether they are capable to do yoga or not.


Yoga Indoors: Adho Mukha Svanasana


If a beginner is inflexible they are guided to start with the yoga postures that are gentle and easy to do. This will help her or him to increase their flexibility as well as strength gradually. This will allow the beginners to increase their confidence and face new challenges in yoga. 

It must be known by the beginners that yoga is done in bare feet and one must use a mat that is specially made for the purpose of yoga. The movements of yoga and the poses require clothes that are stretchable and also they can be moved freely with respect to their body. 

The beginners are guided to start with short, easy as well as straight forward sessions of yoga. They are then gradually grown and practice is done to build up their skills of yoga. When a beginner has learnt the basic poses of yoga then more difficult poses can be introduced and taught to them in a sequence. Then they are allowed to practice more challenging poses of yoga. A beginner of yoga must remember that they should breath, meditate and do intention, asanas as well as relax while doing yoga. 

The beginners must be guided and allowed to practice these asanas that are mentioned below:

  1. Cow Face Pose which is also known as Gomukhasana. 
  2. The Downward-Facing Dog which is known as Adho Mukha Svanasana.
  3. Easy pose known as Sukhasana.
  4. Cobra Pose known as Bhujangasana
  5. Child’s Pose 

These are a few poses that are very basic and should be practiced by beginners. The guidance that is provided to the beginners also mentions the advantages of doing yoga. The practice of yoga allows practitioners to build values that are good. The good values include discipline, honesty, and mindfulness.

These are quite helpful to lead a beautiful and fresh life. 


A Few Tips For Recovering After Yoga


Practicing yoga also helps to increase muscular strength, strength of joints as well as organs. The beginners must also learn that postures or asanas of yoga help to improve strength, movement of body, stamina as well as balance of the body. Maintaining the balance of the body is very important for a person who is performing yoga asanas. Yoga sessions also help in reduction of stress and increase relaxation in our body.     

The beginners must be guided properly and they must follow each and every step that is told by the trainer before they become a good yoga practitioner. Yoga is said to be for everyone. It also helps to promote greater sleep at night. Yoga also helps to improve our immune system as well. In one word it can be said that yoga is very beneficial for the human body and these advantages must be known by the beginners of yoga. 

Yoga can be done in gyms and can also be practiced at home by the beginners.

Some time should be kept for yoga in the busy lives of ours. Initially it would take time for the person to start with yoga. But as he or she continues to do daily then they will find a particular time of the day.

In the end

The majority of us know how important yoga is. But most of us like college students, clerks, homemakers do not have time to go to yoga classes due to work pressure and studies. Yoga classes need fees to be paid but the college students are tight on their budget. So it is the best option to start yoga at home. Yoga is for everyone.


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Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done yoga classes india. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his website Sattva Yoga Academy.


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