Fit & Flex Fridays! Calisthenics + Bodybuilding, Handstands, Shoulders, Chest & Core workout

The Fit & Flex Fridays (FFF) posts highlight one of my workouts I did during the week, for anyone to give a try or modify for themselves. After switching to only calisthenics training for quite some time I decided to include some weights back in, to increase overall strength and to get back into the bodybuilding feel of it, and to target specific muscles that I had neglected.

The workout covered here is predominantly a chest and shoulders workout with some core work. It starts off with some calisthenics work and holds including push ups, handstands and handstand push ups. Then progresses to some weight training to target the chest and shoulders.

Calisthenics workout

  • Push ups (2 sets to warm up)
  • Wrist warm ups

While on your knees place your hands flat on the floor with your arms straight, and lean forward and backwards (10 times), side to side, and then turn your hands around so that your fingers are facing you and then lean backwards slightly and then forwards. Don’t force anything.

  • Push ups | 2 sets
  • Handstand walks | 3 – 4 There and back

Even if you can only go a few steps keep at it, and keep straight without using forward momentum.

  • Tuck Planche holds | Hold for 45 seconds Total

You don’t have to hold it for 45 seconds at once. Split it into 15 or 10 second sets.

  • Core work | 3 sets of each for 1 – 15 seconds

Core work consists of hollow body holds, hollow body flutter kicks and pike sit ups.

  • Handstand holds | 2 sets

With the handstand holds focus on the form and keeping tight everywhere and as straight as possible.

  • Handstand push ups | 4 sets

Start off with your feet against the wall if you can’t do the push ups free standing.

  • Crow pose to handstand and back to crow pose | 3 sets

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Weights workout

  • Bench press | 4 sets (One drop set)
  • Dumbbell Press with twist on slight incline bench | 4 sets
  • Dumbbell flyes superset with 1 dumbbell centre press | 4 sets
  • Standing overhead barbell shoulder press | 4 sets
  • Side shoulder raises superset with Front raises | 4 sets

Fit & Flex Fridays! Calisthenics + Bodybuilding, Handstands, Shoulders, Chest & Core workout

  • Stretching routine for flexibility.

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