The Fit Five! 5 Alternative 'Substitute' Foods For Those Healthier Occasions

As more and more people become even more health conscious, it can prove difficult for some to cut out certain foods. The process can become even harder when you cut out foods but have nothing nice and tasty to replace them with.

What happens then is the cravings start to creep in and you end up going back to those foods. Mostly though you should try to keep things balanced and not worry about just cutting things out completely (with the exception of a few things, which have no room in your diet).

It should be seen as a gradual process and gradual change for the better. A way to speed it up though, is to replace certain foods with somewhat healthier versions. Various alternatives are given below for some of the most commonly used foods.

1. Cream

Everyone likes cooking or baking with fresh cream and heavy whipping cream, the best alternative for this is coconut cream. Coconut cream helps improve immunity, provides energy and hydrates your body.

coconut water

2. Coffee

Most people need to start their day off with a steaming mug of strong coffee. A recommend warm alternative is Yerba Mate and for those who just need the energy jolt, coconut water. Yerba Mate provides the same caffeine buzz as coffee, is packed with nutrients and has the added advantage of not having the “coffee crash”. It can be prepared in many ways, hot, cold, with honey and can be made in an infusing pot, a coffee machine, etc.

Coconut water contains bioactive enzymes and is full of rehydrating electrolytes, so this is a good replacement for those sugary energy drinks as well.


3. Crisps

We all have that craving for a good crunchy bag of crisps and the best way to beat that craving is to bake thinly slice veggies like beetroot, butternut, sweet potato.

4. Pasta

Though pasta is a great food, some lower calorie alternatives include spaghetti squash (the strands from inside the squash), zucchini (low cal and gives a good veggie boost), soba noodles (Japanese noodles packed with fibre and protein and have a nuttier taste than traditional pastas) and black bean pasta (packed with a lot more protein).

5. Desserts and puddings

Everyone’s favourite, puddings an desserts and sweet stuff. A great dessert full of good fats and antioxidants is dark chocolate avocado pudding or peanut butter avocado puddings.

Avocados are brimming with good fats, are a great source of vitamin E and dietary fibre and aids in better nutrient absorption. Dark chocolate is nutritious and is a powerful source of antioxidants. Peanut butter is high in valuable nutrition, full of healthy fat, lowers type 2 diabetes, aids in prevention of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, etc. These desserts are perfect to satisfy the craving, though if you are following a calorie controlled diet be sure to have only one serving or whatever fits into your meal plan.

chocolate AVO -balls

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