Name: Devan Dippenaar
Age: 34
Height: 1,77 m


All About Arms With Devan Dippenaar!


 What are your 3 best go to bicep exercises?

  1. Weighted chins
  2. Barbell preacher curls
  3. DB hammer curls

Do you prefer to go very heavy when training biceps and triceps?

To be honest, I always mix the two together. I start with body weight, then move onto two heavy compounds. I then start isolating and focusing on volume and time under tension training.


All About Arms With Devan Dippenaar!


How often do you train your arms and do you do them alone or group them together or with other muscles?

Again I mix it up. Depending on how balanced and symmetrical I am looking. I do love a good arm pump so I try to keep them together but some days I add them onto another muscle group to finish them off.


All About Arms With Devan Dippenaar!


What are the few things you focus on when training arms?

The eccentric movement is the fundamental part of training arms. So yes I squeeze and ensure great technique.

But sometimes I will allow a little cheat movement as long as the eccentric is strict and slow. And variations of grips too.

What does a typical biceps/triceps workout look like for you?

2-3 sets each, 1 to warm up, then the next 2 to failure around a high rep range. If I fail below the rep range I was aiming for then I don’t bother with next set, I move onto the next exercise to failure again.


All About Arms With Devan Dippenaar!


  • Weighted close grip chins
  • Weighted triceps dips


  • Heavy barbell movement ie standing curls
  • Heavy Close grip bench press


  • Preacher ez barbell curls
  • Ez skull crushers


  • Db hammer curls
  • Single over head extensions


  • Cable rope pushdowns
  • Reverse grip cable curls



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