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Before it starts to get messy ?

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You are stronger than you think. ? Goodnight ✌?

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Dr. Rohini Bisaal

Naina Mansukhani

Juan Smith

Dylan Neser

Courtney Renniers


Last day of #4TheLoveofDrills ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you everyone for participating and sharing your practice. It was amazing to see so many variations! _______________________________________________________ For myself, handstands are a lifetime journey. Everyday I practice I get better but I don’t expect to be perfect overnight and EVERY day is different. I know that every time I do handstands there’s a need to release the ego and just trust myself. I remind myself to let go when I don’t get the handstand too. Yoga shouldn’t be frustrating but rather a sort of play or exploration into yourself. Try this closer to a wall if you feel you’d like the extra support and remember to lock your arms, externally rotate your biceps and push your big finger and pointer into the ground. _______________________________________________________ Thanks for all the wonderful hosts and sponsors ❤️❤️❤️ _______________________________________________________ @FitnessMomOf3girls1Boy @InversionJunkie @RheaVega @_Monette ?‍♂️ Sponsors: @neworleansyogaapparel @aeromats @mymahana @gomacro @koalaniapparel @BuddhiBox @BlueRidgeHemp

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yoga by candace


Fit, Motivational And Electrifying Instagram Posts From Around The Web! 16th Edition


Juanita T

Riandi du Preez

Taz Falconer

Marlena Diaz

Tayla Chloé

Tegan Porter

3 months have been and gone, and I finally feel mentally and emotionally ready to jump back on that health and fitness grind. Competing has taught me so much I never knew about myself, but also highlighted aspects that I MUST improve. Food is undoubtably my weakness ??. I've always loved it, have always been a fan of it. But it's something I need to control if I ever want to progress in this sport. 4 weeks out from my last comp, I demoed 3 blocks of chocolate at the start of my cheat meal. This was followed by a selection of breads and dip, then Thai green curry and rice. Funny really, I would punish myself during the week by training like a mad person, to keep the weight coming off.. but then self-sabotage, by letting myself consume faaar to much food when the next 'cheat' meal rolled around. – Gutted, but holidaying is over for me ?. However on a more positive note, I'm feeling WELL fed and watered after all the Xmas and New Year festivities. Now let's put in the work ?? – – – #nzifbb #nzifbbbikini #bodybuilding #bikinibod #bikiniprep #prep #comeback #gym #fitness #workout #inspo #fitspo #motivation #holidayover #summer #newzealand #grind #gains #ilovefood #foodislife #foodisfuel #shredded #notanymore #posing #sass

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Thaís Menezes

é verão que fala né? ?✌?

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Ishwari Patil

Claudia Rodrigues

Yolandé Lilo Parsons

Prerana Anchan


I️ love comparing pics from the past till now because I️ can see what progress I️ have made!? There isn’t a lot of progress you may see between this pictures but I️ can deffiently feel & see a significant difference – everything has changed from my attitude to the way I️ look & feel about myself. I️ still have horrible body image days where I️ hate my body & think I️ look super “fat” but that is life & I️ have learnt to accept that it does take a lot of time to feel comfortable!??‍♀️? If you’re struggling with body dysmorphia please seek guidance or try to point yourself in the right direction, in the first photo I️ took it because that was going to be my start picture on my journey to be ‘skinny’ I️ WAS SKINNY but I️ did not see myself as skinny, I️ saw the fat on the inside of my legs and my hips I️ saw the bump on my stomach, I️ now understand that having a little stomach bump & fat around my body is ??HEALTHY! ?? I️ can now say I️ am slowly getting to a better mind state and am hoping to soon feel comfortable in my own skin every-single-day! ??If you’re struggling with the same issues as I️ have struggles with & you need some advice please do not hesitate to seek advice from me ! ?☺️ #gainingweightiscool – – – -#recovery #health #fitness #girlpower #worthit

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Alena Sereda

It's always good to have options, to have what to choose from. That's why people move from their small towns to bigger cities ?? because they think they will have more OPTIONS, more OPPORTUNITIES out there. But too many options is actually BAD. It means more WASTED TIME ⏳ overwhelming feeling and anxiety ?. So ELIMINATE the excess, FOCUS on the essential thing for YOU and don't get distracted by all "the opportunities out there"??? #opportunities #options #focus #motivation #bikinibody #fit #inspiration #dreambig #goals #positive #happiness #joy #success #grateful #gorgeous #beauty #fitnesslife #fitnessgirl #fitgirl #hotgirl #fitfam #healthy #abs #physique #lifeisgreat #sexy #nevergiveup #wellness #gymgirl #strongissexy

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Dom Teixeira

Rudy Mahabeer

Ruby Burton

Groovy Monday’s ? @meacademysa #movethewayyouwantto

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Fit, Motivational And Electrifying Instagram Posts From Around The Web! 16th Edition


Medha Kapoor

Zahra Said

These ladies give me all kinds of feels – how cool are we~synergy || #kickboxing 2018 with my favs in session today everyone created their own combination sequence.. from green belt onwards we shift our focus away from single basic techniques and begin to build series of combinations and drills to fine tune and polish form, technique & strategy ?? I’m so excited to dig even deeper this year OSU @sabeena27 @faaizamoolla @ruby1304 @authentic.movement @anisa1810 @gadijaw . . . Follow our movement (business page): @authentic.movement . . In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole & complete #louisehay #healyourlifecoach -Alhamdulillah What I share is an expression of me. What you see is a reflection of you . . #mixedmovement #southafrica #warriorwoman #warriorwomen #fitspo #fitspiration

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It’s all just a beautiful balancing act – even keeping themes on my wall is all about the balance ??‍♀️ also learning to stand and play on my hands BOY OH BOY – I take this moment to sincerely thank my teacher @davefrederickgardner your work is amazing, thank you for sharing with me/us. I am excited for life. • • Follow our movement: @authentic.movement • • In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole & complete #louisehay #healyourlifecoach -Alhamdulillah [email protected] Co_Founder: @authentic.movement #blackbelt #karate #kickboxing #pilates #budokon #budokonyoga #budokonwarrior #yoga #hiit #trainer #jhb #southafrica #fighter #heal #love #selflove #warriorwoman #warriorwomen #fitspo

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It’s been a minute .. the struggle is real, you may not see it buuut look at all the expressions on my face, they tell the real tale ☝️ truth is last year threw me off balance literally and figuratively- there wasn’t much I could do but take it in my stride. It’s almost a year since I had my crazy fall (punching bag ripped from its tabs and both bag and I slammed to the floor). Injuries come with a lot of wisdom, it’s how we venture in to learn more about what the body needs, deeper than that what Spirit needs. I thought I had healed until several weeks back I woke up one morning and couldn’t walk FRIGHT OF MY LIFE – “no, not me!! Not my body! How did this happen?!” I physically shut down. Emotionally distraught and physically detached. What an incredible opportunity to reassess. To stop. Breathe. Take it all in. I’m not 100’s yet, in Mozambique my injury flared up and I had to cut my yoga training short ?there are messages in everything. Be gentle, be kind.. and love your body in all its forms. I’m grateful for my strength, for my CRAZY flexibility (hyper flexible is what it’s called) I’m grateful for my perseverance ?? this year im going to smash it – proper and every step of the way I will remember that im delicate too ? watch this S P A C E • • • Classes start in a couple of weeks I’ll be sharing details in a moment ? follow @authentic.movement • • • In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole & complete #louisehay #healyourlifecoach -Alhamdulillah [email protected] Co_Founder: @authentic.movement #blackbelt #karate #kickboxing #pilates #budokon #budokonyoga #budokonwarrior #yoga #hiit #trainer #jhb #southafrica #fighter #heal #love #selflove #warriorwoman #wwc #warriorwomen

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Ravin Kolbe



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