Healthy living is a hot topic that makes being a personal trainer seem like a lucrative career option in a place liked Houston. But is it, really? Well, yes and no.
Yes, there are probably more people who will make use of your services now than a few decades ago. But, you’re also contending with a few factors:

  • Some people will use YouTube to find training videos.
  • There are established gyms in Houston with equipment and memberships where people enjoy joining a community.
  • Many of your peers also view personal training as a possible career option, which means you have competition.

So, what can you do to get momentum in the industry and make sure you’re successful? Here’s what the experts advise.

1. You’re as Important as Your Clients—Take Time for Yourself

You need a long-term plan if your goal is to make your personal training business a smashing success. Since you’re the most important asset to your business, you HAVE to look after yourself from the beginning.

Your clients will expect a lot from you, simply because they feel they’re entitled to it. They pay you and may expect much more in return than you are able to give: time, advice, effort. To prevent burnout—physical or emotional—schedule time for yourself from the very start. Whether it’s to read a book to escape from your thoughts, or to attend to your own physical fitness development, make sure you’re one of your most important clients each week.


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2. It’s Wise to Specialize

You need to find a group of people who will become regular, loyal clients. One way is to specialize in a certain area. When you focus your marketing on this niche or communicate your certification for a certain type of training, people will have confidence that you’re more knowledgeable than other trainers.

This may prompt them to pick you rather than someone else. They’re bound to trust you more, and trust is what creates loyal followers.

3. Talk to a Lawyer

If you’re working with people, you may need a lawyer on your side. The friendliest client can become a vicious adversary if he or she hurts themselves while working out. Whether it’s because of your mistake or not, their frustration may lead to them launching a lawsuit against you. That’s when you need something like a Houston personal injury lawyer on your side. But your responsibility starts even before you host your first session: you need liability insurance in place so you can focus on enjoying your work, instead of having nightmares about lawsuits.

4. Take Time to Develop Your Brand

You’re not communicating with your future clients on a daily basis—you’re not the local supermarket they’ll walk past every day. So how do you get them to respond from the start?

Taking time to develop your brand BEFORE you start will help you gain momentum faster. Your first client may tell a friend about your services, but if that friend can’t find you online, they may move on to book with another personal trainer. Make sure you have the following in place to make it easy to share your details:

  • Business cards
  • Website
  • Social media platforms (not only your personal profiles, but branded with your company name)


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5. Last Tip: Prepay is King

Here’s a last tip.You’re allowed to ask locals to pay in advance. You need assurance that you’ll have income from each session and when customers prepay they’re more likely to attend a session. That means they’ll see results faster and see the value of your services.

There you have it, 5 simple tips to get you started with raising your personal training business and brand off the ground. Remember there are many other aspects to it, but these cover some of the basics that you may overlook.

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