The modern way of living often feels like it’s too fast forward. Many people might not even realize just how fast things progress until they stop to analyze what’s going on, which is usually when the desire to slow down comes about. 

With all the anxiety and stress that comes attached to modern life, the idea of living a simpler one is not only appealing but may be life-saving for some. This short guide will present a few tips on how to live a simpler life and make the most out of each day. 

What Does a Simple Life Mean? 

A simple life can look completely different from one person to the next, and it’s important to embark on a path of self-reflection to understand what areas of the modern way of living are affecting a person the most. 

Living simply doesn’t necessarily mean completely renouncing modern life and its offerings, but rather changing the Self and how it fits into the current world. 

Here are tips on how to live simply and changing oneself from the inside:

Leveraging the Present 

Modern life rarely makes room for people to appreciate the present and everything it means. It’s important to dedicate even just a few moments in a day and leverage that moment, be it through yoga, meditation, or other calming activities. 

The goal is to bring a bit of self-awareness and allow the pace of life to slow down for a bit.


Meditative Running – A Road To A More Fulfilled You


Reviewing (and Letting Go of) Attachments to Material Objects 

So much of the modern way of living revolves around material gains: more money, more clothes, more gadgets, etc. 

This creates a never-ending race to gather the most material objects in which nobody truly wins. A simpler way of life proposes keeping what is needed to function and be happy and letting go of this desire to add more

Focusing on the Self 

Humans cannot function without social relationships, but it’s important to prioritize the Self before others. Seeking calmness and happiness in the Self can help improve interactions with the outside world as well.

But for most, this path must start and try to understand what their brain, body, or even spirit needs. Because a lot of people are not truly connected to themselves, they can completely miss the signs these elements are giving, and get more involved in what the people around them need. 

Reconnecting with Nature 

Nothing says more “modern way of living” than the image of an urban jungle. This environment can sometimes augment the rapid pace of life, which is why removing oneself from this environment, even just for a few hours, can be extremely beneficial. 

Reconnecting with nature and its powers helps keep people centered, more grounded with the natural pace life was designed to have, and gives the mind the space to let go of worries and troubles. 


Yoga outdoors:


Learning to Celebrate Life and Its Moments 

Often, people that let themselves get carried away by the modern way of living remain clueless about the many gifts they already possess. 

In a simpler form of living, these small gifts are acknowledged and celebrated. Similarly, steps that take people closer to victory, no matter how small, are also reasons for gratitude and celebrations. Life isn’t always about the big, flashy lights people often actively seek. 

Challenging the Mind 

Habits formed throughout life often prevent people from letting go of what they know to be true, and this can apply to trying to live a simple life too. 

Sometimes, to achieve living simply, one has to challenge their perception of life and the world around them, possibly even their role in the world. But, the payoff is worth that effort!

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