Michael jordan no fear

The fear. It has the power to overcome us all. But only if YOU let it.

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to do something, but then in the back of your mind you start to fear and imagine all the things that could wrong? Whether it be starting your own business, moving to another country or attempting a back flip. Your mind plays all the things that could happen and hurt you in the event it doesn’t go as planned. Well those images and fears are completed made up by you.

You are trying to overcome something that is not real, something that does not even exist, an illusion created by your mind.

Replace those images with the positive outcome and then just go for it!

How Do You Overcome Fear?

Overcoming Fear Of Failure – Motivation

Overcoming FEAR

“Fear is genetically wired into you. It is your biggest gift and your biggest hindrance. Use FEAR to drive and propel you, it can take you to heights that you never thought possible. Let fear be a compass for you, let failure give you the lessons.”

The Rejection Myth: How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

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Michael jordan no fear


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