A Cup Of Coffee Keeps The Fat Away | Can Caffeine Enhance Fat Burning?

If you love drinking coffee, then there is some good news, it can actually help you lose fat.

But drinking coffee alone is not enough to make the unwanted fat go away, you will need to develop a method on how and when to drink coffee in addition to developing good eating habits as well as performing some form of exercise.

Caffeine, which is contained within coffee, like many other stimulants, is not good to be taken in large quantities, however, even in small doses it can raise your metabolism and in turn enhance fat burning. It can also give you a slight boost of energy, which is great for a workout session.

Depending on how sensitive you are to stimulants and to caffeine, will depend how you feel after drinking coffee. Everyone reacts differently, for example some people derive no effect from having caffeine that it in fact causes them to be more tired, while others can have one glass and be full of energy.

A Cup Of Coffee Keeps The Fat Away | Can Caffeine Enhance Fat Burning?

Coffee symbiosis

Coffee by itself is not enough to make the fat go away; simply put it will help your body break down fats into fatty acids and glycerin, you will need to combine it with a heavy workout session which will aid in burning the fat away. What you can also do is combine your coffee with chlorogenic acid, an extract from coffee, which can promote faster fat breakdown in your body.

Using caffeine based diet pills, powders and other caffeine supplements is also another way to increase workout effectiveness and to enhance fat burning. According to a study done by Zoller laboratories, caffeine can increase the metabolic rate by up to 5%.

Remember that these are just supplements to aid your fat loss efforts, your primary focus should still be on ensuring a healthy diet suited for your goals as well as an intense training regime.

Something to remember when using stimulants, is, your body does adapt to them over time and if used for too long, you can find that you need a much higher dosage to experience the same effects. You can also find yourself becoming dependent on them, such that you cannot train without your caffeine and energy fix. This is mostly a mental aspect which can be beaten through your motivation level and your mindset.

To combat this ensure that you do not use such supplements for excessive periods of time, take them for up to a month then stop for one or two months and should you want start again, you can. This will help to keep your body guessing and should ensure that you do not become dependent on them.

Caffeine as a diuretic

Caffeine also acts as a diuretic which helps clean your body of toxins, and it flushes out waste products and excess fluids. Just be careful not to take too much caffeine, because it can create a imbalance. Optimum nutrition is important, and staying below 5 cups of coffee a day is still somewhat healthy.

But, if you feel that your body is reacting weirdly, or if you feel tired or sleepy, give coffee drinking a break. As soon as you feel the effects are not as they used to be then it is time for a change as the body can adapt to almost any constant factor.

A Cup Of Coffee Keeps The Fat Away | Can Caffeine Enhance Fat Burning?

Caffeine intake

It is best to stay safe when using caffeine supplements. Studies and research suggests that caffeine intake should not be more than 300 mg for adults, as more than that could cause hallucinations or lead to illnesses. However, teens should not introduce more than 100 mg of caffeine into their bodies as it can cause serious damage to their still developing bodies.

A good idea is to take caffeine right before exercising to provide you with a boost of energy and alertness and to ensure proper weight loss.

Drinking caffeine when you exercise is a great way to improve your weight loss regime as it will boost your metabolism and it will aid in burning fat more efficiently. Furthermore, it is important that when using caffeine as a supplement a healthy diet and exercise programme is still maintained.

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