When it comes to the NBA, a few names like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Julius Erving have one thing in common: the ability to make vertical jumps of over forty inches. Jumping higher isn’t only necessary for basketball, as athletes in the NFL, NHL, and MLB are always looking to improve their vertical leaps. Yet, only a few are able to achieve it due to following the wrong principles. In fact, the secret to jumping can be found with the help of basic physics.

Understanding the Science of Vertical Jumps

Power = Velocity x Force

Before learning how to dunk and improve training, athletes must learn the physics of it. Force is the greatest amount of strength while velocity is the maximum amount of speed. If you can increase your velocity and strength, then your vertical jump will improve. (Think of all the exercises related to each aspect, for example getting stronger at squats and getting faster at sprinting.)

The most effective way to measure your body’s strength is to follow Olympic-style routines of front squats, back squats, box squats, powerlifting-style squats, and deadlifts.

The vertical jump is a quick movement that lasts around .2 seconds. However, the ability to have quick velocity allows you to display your strength, and the ability to increase jump training. Following exercises like shock jumps, broad jumps, depth jumps, and even the basic jumping will help improve your strength.


Building Explosive Power. The Benefits Of Improving Your Vertical Jump


Improving Overall Athleticism

A strong vertical jump is not about the ability to leap higher. It also translates to the complete athleticism in sports that require speed, power, and strength. So, what exactly does that mean? It means improving your vertical jump training will give you the ability to use your strength efficiently in all sports.

Gain an Upper Edge over Competition

Consider the sport you are playing and take a good look at the players. How many of them dedicate their training towards jumping higher? How many are willing to follow extensive exercise routines to increase their vertical leaps? Using this ability can be your secret weapon and even the difference between being a good player and a great one.


Building Explosive Power. The Benefits Of Improving Your Vertical Jump


Tests Your Mental and Physical Limits

For any athlete, competition is needed to thrive and excel in the sport, according to Asociación RUVID. Developing the ability to leap higher for every dunk enables you to tackle such challenges head on and test yourself on how high you can go. In fact, vertical jump training allows you to test your boundaries, determine your capabilities, and train not only your physical strength but your mental health as well.

Building Explosive Power

The goal of building explosive power is to maximize the strength of your legs. To increase your vertical jump, you must use a moderate weight and focus on building muscular strength with every repetition. The problem that most athletes experience when trying to build power is to overextend the ability of their body. While utilizing each rep with heavy weights will build muscle strength, it will not transfer power to your jumps.

So, to make your vertical leap training more effective, always incorporate calf and core routines during your training. After performing at least 10-15 jumps, you can finish off with a couple of sprints and call it day. Not only will this progress your speed and agility, it will deliver impressive results on your vertical jump. 

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