With all of us being confined to our homes it can be difficult getting that motivation to train, or to find fun things to do that can keep us moving rather than sitting on the couch. Not to say relaxing on the couch is a bad thing, but some movement is good and you need to balance it all out. If you have a backyard then you have the space to do a whole range of cool stuff, so make sure you use it when you can!

Here’s a few simple activities that you can do in your back yard, some need a bit of equipment, which hopefully you will have lying around. 

1. Swingball

If you have  a swingball set, get it out and stick it into the ground in your backyard. It is great to practice your tennis shots, get some good twists and even relieve some frustration! If you have kids this is a great one to get outside and play around with them.


golf swing


2. Practice your driving

Not in your car of course! Grab a club and if you’re an avert golfer you will hopefully have one of those golf nets to catch your balls and all you need is a good patch of grass to practice on. If you want to simulate the real thing a bit more you can always get a small driving range mat or even buy a used driving range mat, otherwise just work on your putting.

3. Badminton

Badminton is a great game to play and you don’t have to worry about breaking too much of a sweat as you don’t need such a big area to play in. You do need the rackets and a shuttlecock though, but once you have that, you can enjoy many hours of this fun game.




4. HIIT circuit workout

For the fitness enthusiasts, grab a towel and get into your back yard and bust out a high intensity bodyweight workout. There are many to choose from depending on what you want to target such as this leg workout or this bodyweight workout or just do sets of burpees, they are a sure way to get your heart rate up in a short amount of time.


backyard workout


I hope after reading this it will give you a few ideas to get up, go outside and do some sort of movement, whatever it is!

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