Today’s generation faces a lot of environmental threats that weaken the immune system. There are viruses, pollution, and a stressful lifestyle that often lead to diseases. Amidst the global pandemic brought about by the COVID-19, people around the world are searching for ways to strengthen their immunity.

There is a wide array of activities, food, and nutritional supplements such as Enzyme Defense for immune support that can create a protective shield from within. They can stimulate the body’s defense mechanism against the harmful effects of illnesses, kind of acting like a preventative measure.

If you have made a vow to become stronger and healthier this year, here are some surefire ways to jump start your journey towards immunity and wellness. You can take Proteolytic Nutritional Supplements for the below mentioned reasons.


3 Great Ways To Boost Your Immune System And Keep Healthy This Winter


For Digestion

Common signs of a weakened immune system include frequent colds and infections. Chronic stomach troubles such as diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are also indicators that the immune system has taken a nosedive.

Studies show that 70 percent of the immune system can be found in the digestive tract. A low amount of beneficial gut bacteria poses a high risk for viruses and inflammation. So, a nutritional supplement that enhances the digestive system’s capability to protect the body is needed to ward off those nasty bugs.
Proteolytic enzymes such as protease, regulate and modulate the body’s inflammatory response. These protein-destroying enzymes inhibit the growth of pathogenic complexes, which adversely affect immune functions.

These enzymes are commonly produced in the stomach or the pancreas. But, if the body cannot produce enough, supplements can be a helpful support.

Studies suggest that proteolytic enzymes found in supplements like Enzyme Defense for immune support, break up, or prevent the formation of pathogenic immune complexes. It consequently leads to enhanced lymphatic drainage. This optimum functioning of the body’s systems significantly boosts the immunity.


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For Circulation

Proteolytic enzymes can also reduce the viscosity of the blood, which facilitates good circulation. If the blood flows on an optimal level, the supply of oxygen in the body increases. It consequently transports essential nutrients to the organs and takes away waste products like clockwork.

A few everyday things that you can and should be doing already, to help keep you and your immune system in tip top shape are next.




Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy gut equals a more robust immune system. If the intestinal flora is in tiptop shape, the body can fight off infections better.

Doctors recommend a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats. Food that is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and zinc significantly lower inflammation and ward off infections.

People are advised to stay away from processed and fried food since they all tend to be more inflammatory.

It would be best to add more fermented foods such as sauerkraut, miso, yogurt, kimchi, or kefir in your regular meals. They provide more good bacteria in the gut, which then supports the whole immune system.

Get Adequate Sleep

If computers need to rest so that they do not overheat, more so for humans who need rest as well. Sleep essentially reboots the whole system of the body.

When you get a full seven to eight hours of sleep every night, your immune system gets boosted naturally.

On the other hand, surviving on a sleep-deprived state forces your body to churn out stress hormones. These hormones are called cortisol, and may keep you awake and alert, but it wrecks your immune system big time.

So, to ward of illnesses, make sure to get that much-needed shut-eye. The human body is a fantastic structure that is made to weather out any storm. It may get tired or weary at times, so it needs that much needed immune system boost.


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