One on One With Bodybuilder And Ifbb Best Poser, Charles Chuck Luck

Quick Stats

Name:  Charles “Chuck” Luck
Age:  29
Height:  1.70 m
Competition weight:  78 Kgs
Current weight:  90 Kgs
Current city:  Pretoria, South Africa
Occupation:  Personal Trainer / Furian Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

Tell us a bit about how you got into Bodybuilding

Well I’m originally from Margate (South Coast) where I was born. I was a real beach bum as I was a life guard.  I was always a skinny guy who was more of a fitness individual, I saw myself as more of a long distance runner due to how my body was genetically engineered. Haha!

“I studied ‘Sports Science’ at ETA in Durban and worked my practical hours at Virgin Active. This is when I first became aware of weight training. I knew nothing about gym!”

Charles Luck 01

After my studies I moved to Pretoria where I continued training at Virgin Active and was approached by Hennie Kotze, who offered to train together with me. After a couple of months of training he asked if I would like to do a body building show and so I did and won my first show which was the IFBB Gauteng North Provincials 2004.

From there I was hooked. After that first year I realized I should take 2 to 3 years off and in 2009 I competed again where I was assisted by 3x SA Champ, Kobus Niewenhuizen and I won the senior men u/80 Kgs and won my first of many Best Poser awards!

I then competed in 2011, 2012 and 2013 where at almost every show I won my division and the Best Poser award.  I am officially the best Poser in South Africa.

What do you love about it and what’s your secret to staying motivated and on track?

The fact that I was always small, and, also receiving support from friends and family helps to motivate me. Also setting realistic goals and staying positive helps, as well as the fact that unlike a lot of people, I love training.  Additionally, being sponsored by Furian Nutrition has made my dreams come true and I hope for big things in the future.

What competitions have you competed in and your placings?


  •  IFFB Gauteng North | Junior Light Wight | 1st
  • IFBB SA Champs | Junior Light Weight | 7th


  • H & H Classic | 3rd
  • H & H Classic | Best Poser
  • IFBB Gauteng North Provincials | 1st
  • IFBB Gauteng North Provincials | Best Poser
  • IFBB SA Champs | Top 6

Charles Luck 09


  • H & H Classic | 2nd
  • H & H Classic | Best Poser
  • Boksburg Classic | 3rd
  • IFBB Gauteng North Provincials | 1st
  • IFBB Gauteng North Provincials | Best Poser
  • IFBB SA Champs | Top 6


  • H & H Classic | 3rd
  • H & H Classic | Best Poser
  • IFBB SA Champs | 5th
  • IFBB SA Champs | Best Poser


  • H & H Classic | 2nd
  • H & H Classic | Best Poser
  • Boksburg Classic | 2nd
  • IFBB Gauteng North Provincials | 1st
  • IFBB GN Provincials | Best Poser
  • IFBB SA Champs | Top 6
  • IFBB SA Champs | Best Poser

Charles Luck 02

Have you encountered any setbacks and how did you deal with them?

Sometimes you’re unhappy with a decision (placing at a show) but you pick your chin up and focus on your weak points.  This will always make you better and more humble.

Injury wise I hurt my back end of 2009 which set me back and I lost a lot of thickness in my back and legs. But I focused on the fact that if I could not have the biggest legs I would have the hardest and most ripped legs.  Luckily these last couple of years I’ve taken it easy on my body so this year (2013) I can get back to heavy training and get back the thickness I used to have on my upper legs.

What’s the longest break that you ever took from training? Do you think you need to take some time off from training occasionally?

The longest break I’ve taken from competing is 4 years, as realistically, in order to pick up quality muscle you need sufficient rest and a higher body fat.

As far as training, about 2 weeks which is normally after a long competitive season or injury as its important to rest and allow your body to heal and recover.

“People are still unaware that you cannot strengthen an injury or muscle tear with training. Rest is the best thing.”

Charles Luck 07

What are your future plans?

I’m planning on taking a year or two off as I’ve come to realize I carry lots of water in the off season and because I have heavy bones and a small bone structure, I need to focus on muscle mass and having a wide waist means focusing on a wider back and fuller shoulders.

I will go wherever the Lord guides me and personal training is a dream job, but owning my own gym would be the cherry on the cake.

Most people are quick to fit a stereotype to bodybuilders. What do you think are the most common misconceptions people have of bodybuilding?

Yes, it sucks because people have no idea how it all works. So I try to get all types of people to come watch a show and its amazing how their view on it all changes.

“That’s why you should never judge something until you experience it properly.”

Yes there are negative aspects to the sport, but what sport does not have these.  People need to be more open and what a change they will experience and they will also have more respect for what our athletes go through to look good.

Take us through an average day of yours:


  • 4h15    | Wake up and consume Meal 1
  • 5h00    | First client and several follow
  • 07h30 | Meal 2
  • 09h30 | Training with My Boer training partner
  • 10h45  | Post workout meal replacement
  • 11h20  | Meal 3
  • 14h00  | Meal 4
  • 17h00  | Meal 5
  • 20h00  | Meal 6

Normally between meals I snack on rice cakes with Peanut Butter….Yum!

Charles Luck 08

*Between meals normally training clients.

Competition time:

  • 04h15   | Wake up and Meal 1
  • 07h00  | Meal 2
  • 09h00  | Cardio followed by weight training
  • 11h00   | Meal 3
  • 13h00   | Meal 4
  • 16h00   | Meal 5
  • 19h00   | Meal 6
  • 21h30   | Meal 7, which consists of high protein and no carbs
  • 23h00   | Sleep

 Most Body builders go though this regime on and off season.

“What I do near shows is a lot of posing as it helps to keep you hard and ‘posing fit’ which helps with presentation when on stage.”

Give us a brief description of your philosophy on your diet

When I do compete, the last 6 weeks before the competition, I become very focused and make sure I stick to my regime 7 days a week.  A lot of people ask me what is my secret to conditioning and its simple, diet, diet, and guess what …. more diet.  A trick that works is consuming broccoli in small portions with all my meals.

I wanted to write my diet but honestly it’s similar to most, the true trick with diet is to stick to it and try NOT to cheat.  That is where self discipline and motivation is the key to success.

Charles Luck 05

Your posing routines are always very enthusiastic and amazingly thought out. What actually goes into planning and perfecting your routines to such a great standard?

One word “Personality.”

It honestly is not that hard but my true secret is 3 factors:

  1. I’m a big transformer fan and everyone loves robot moves, cause its cool and that’s what makes the audience aware and wakes them up from boredom!
  2. Picking a song that has a great beat and is currently doing well, which I do with some posing as its still body building not a dancing parade, but a little bum shaking doesn’t hurt! Haha!
  3. As people feel its cool and just above average, I shock them with something super funny as most routines are slow and boring with a pinch of cliché and I want people to laugh their asses off as they pay to be amused and I love to keep people coming to more shows and bring the sport to new dimensions and show people that there is more to the sport.

“As far as planning, I realized that I actually visualize what to do as I’m putting music together, then I adapt my routine according to the music, then I fine tune my music and posing gradually till the end result.”

Charles ‘Chuck’ Luck Posing Routine Videos

What does your supplement regiment look like?

Off season and prep time I normally stick with my basic supplements like:

  • Multi-vitamin
  • Digestive enzyme
  • L-arganine
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Dolomite
  • Co-enzyme Q10

And of course my breakfast and post workouts I use my sponsored supplements from Furian Nutrition called ‘Core’ which comes in Vanilla or Honey. Great whey protein.

My Fat burner, works like a bomb called ‘Torch’ and does exactly like the name says…Burns fat!!!

Also before training and till about a week before my first show I use my ‘shock wave’ pre-workout which works well, because it increases my stamina even when I don’t use it so its more than just a quick fix, it works naturally in your body.

Charles Luck 03

What are some of your top nutrition tips for beginners?

If I can give any advice it would be never to “Not” have carbs in your diet except your evening meals, but using them during the day is important as it regulates your body’s blood sugar levels and transports nutrients through your body.

Also making sure that 90 % of all meals contain protein as it helps with recovery, muscle growth and actually pushes fat out of the body.

This advice applies to men and woman.  Remember the saying “You are what you eat!”

Give us a brief description of your philosophy on your training and on average how long do you workout for?

My philosophy is simple – Never ever sacrifice form and posture for heavy weights because you want to grow symmetrically and in proportion and that can’t be obtained with bad form and posture.

“Also remember that your mind is your strongest tool and an individual’s potential is infinite if you just believe in yourself.”

I train every possible aspect off and on season, high intensity, super-sets, drop set failures. You need to push yourself and if you have no weaknesses you have no excuses.  I always joke with my clients when they rest too long..“Resting is for old people, and you rest when you sleep so why do it now?”

I never train (weight training) more than an hour and a half as its been scientifically proven that a muscles activation time is about 50 minutes long.

Charles Luck 06

Do you utilize a lot of cardio in your competition prep? What’s your favorite form of cardio?

Yes, cardio is important as most people think it burns the most fat/calories but its more to the fact that it speeds up your body’s digestive system and increases fitness levels and heart stamina, allowing for more blood flow/circulation.

Honestly, to me cardio is cardio but I prefer the bicycle as it keeps my legs fuller and its been proven that too much treadmill, because of its impact on joints, also can break down muscle.

What are your 3 favourite exercises?

  • Leg Extensions

To be completely honest the best pump and contraction you get is from this exercise, because you can concentrate without a lot of movement.

  • Incline Dumbbell Press

As we all know everyone likes the bench press, but I never feel the individual isolation, and the upper chest is always an under-developed muscle. This exercise allows for individual strength, stamina, balance, etc. so in overall this exercise is perfect for anyone who wants upper chest volume.

  • Standing Side DB Raises

This is your ultimate overall shoulder exercise as it works on most of the shoulder and because its standing and with dumbbells, means it requires more balance, core and isolates the shoulders well.

Charles Luck 04

Favorite bodybuilders/fitness models:

Body Builders:

Dexter Jackson, because even though he is smaller than 90 % of his competitors, he is “still” in the big leagues.

Fitness Models:

Christina Vujnich, Samantha Baker.   They don’t get any better than these 2 ladies.

Which do you prefer and why.  Today’s bodybuilders like Jay Cutler and Phil Heath versus the smaller physiques like Frank Zane.

Honestly the bigger guys are impressive but the smaller guys look more realistic and put in more work to their conditioning to make up for their lack of mass.

Like myself, I want to be big but not abnormal. So to tie my shoe lace, must not become a nightmare.  LOL!

Favorite Quote:

“Everyone has the potential to be great, but it requires that you believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you that you won’t achieve great things, because you will!”

Charles Luck 10

What are some of your strategies for the final week of preparing for a photoshoot or a competition?

I find if I just decrease my carb intake, but increase protein intake and slightly cut down on my water, that works well, but only for photo shoots.

When I compete, honestly my diet stays the same.  I increase my carbs gradually as I cut my water and make sure I’m doing enough cardio. I pose 2 – 3 times per day to optimize maximum conditioning.

Advice for someone wanting to start competing?

Always remember that anyone can become a good body builder (female or male) but it requires that you remain disciplined and focused.

Where can people get hold of you?

Charles “Chuck” Luck Gallery


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