Losing Weight for Life, 8 Tips To Getting Started

Losing weight is a sensitive subject for many as it is not always the easiest thing to achieve in reality.

Where to start, how to start, to stay motivated and focused are often the dominating questions most individuals ask.

Advertising makes Losing Weight Difficult

Sounds ridiculous to hear someone say media and advertising makes weight loss difficult, but it is true. Every single day whether it is on billboards, magazines, online or television, you see beautiful skinny models promoting different diets, diet pills, or best exercise. Exercise machines, weight loss belts, and clothing to be worn promise to shrink you in no time.

This is where your downfall starts before you even start your weight loss effort. Your subconscious mind plays the biggest role in losing weight and as soon as you do not achieve the promised results, you could give up.

Listen ONLY To Yourself

You are the one person who truly knows you, your abilities, capabilities, and reasons for wanting to lose weight. Losing weight for other reasons than medically, is a conscious decision, which only one person can make for you, YOU! Do not see losing weight as a battle, as some battles cannot be won; instead see it as a challenge to you.

Have a positive outlook on changing your life for the better as having a healthy weight has many benefits apart from self-confidence.

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How to Start and Persevere

Start Immediately

Why, you may ask, as most people have a specific date or planned day? Ask yourself why you have to wait until Monday for example. Do you want to finish the loaf of white bread, finish all the sweets and desserts in the fridge, empty the pantry, or what? Emptying it all out is not a bad idea, but not into your stomach! Making the decision to lose weight should not be a ticket to overeating as you will end up suffering in the future. If you have chosen a specific meal plan such as low carb or low calorie diets and certain products are not stocked yet, does not mean you have to continue bad habits. If the plan originally was to cook steak and chips, omit the chips for example.

Start your exercise routine

Exercise is key and we all have to start somewhere, so do not attempt to start a program which is beyond your fitness level. A program is worked out according to the masses and in general, it is a fit and slim instructor showing you your routines. Keep in mind your own limitations, but do not slack simply because you think you cannot do it. You may not be able to do 50 abs crunches or push ups today, but your own strength will surprise you. Each time you should aim to push yourself a little harder, a little longer!

Be kind to yourself

You are human and you are going to lose weight, that was YOUR decision, right? If the temptation is just too overwhelming and you do end up eating that piece of chocolate or cake, there is no reason to feel guilty or throw in the towel. The biggest mistake to make is deciding that you have failed by eating an unhealthy item. If you have a bad day, pick up where you left off and work harder. Put in another extra 30 minutes at the gym or raise the intensity of your exercise routine.

How to be healthy lose weight

Be Realistic

You cannot expect to lose excess weight overnight, and take into consideration that your first weeks results will vary from other weeks. During your first week, you lose a lot of water and you will notice that the closer you are to your goal, the more persistent fat seems to be. Web MD suggests setting realistic goals averaging around 1 – 2 pounds per week.


Once you have reached your goal weight, do not fall back into bad habits of before. When you decide to lose weight, do not see it as a diet as diets never last.

See it as a lifestyle of healthy eating and well balanced eating and you will not pack the pounds on again.

Once you are happy with your weight, continue with the amount of calories you consume at that stage, for example. Should you pick up some pounds during holiday seasons and festive periods, make sure you do not shoot completely out of proportion, but manageable additional pounds, which are easy to shed.

Weight loss retreat

Attending a weight loss retreat is another great way of getting yourself into the right mind set, with the support of like minded people with the same ultimate goal you have. To lose weight, and maintaining your weight.

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