Life can sometimes get too much for you and you start to wander about things and why you are doing things. Questions like, what is the point, what is the purpose or what is MY purpose of life? In life you should always question everything and seek out logical answers to your questions. Don’t just accept things as they are or follow things because you were told to, or because you were brought up in a certain way. 

With so many religions and philosophies of life out there, it begs the question, which is the right way? Or Are they all the right way, or maybe just part of the way? Is there only one right way? What is it, what makes the most logical sense? You decide… 

*The purpose of these videos is not to try to convince or persuade you in favor of any philosophy or religion, or to put down any particular philosophy or religion, but to merely get you to free and open up your mind to different perspectives and possibilities.



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