Are you one of those people that struggles to wake up to an alarm, hitting snooze over and over? Does that terrible alarm sound hurt your ears and your brain so early in the morning, eventually waking you up but making you feel terrible still?

I know what you mean, I always dread that alarm sound that just comes out of nowhere in the mornings, but what else can you do right? Well something I noticed is that when I slept in rooms that let in some light in the morning, I wake up a lot more naturally (obviously depending when the light shines through) and feel far better than when using an alarm.


Looking For A 'Lighter' Way To Wake Up?


So this got me thinking, what if I had a light in my room that I could use to imitate the sun shining through in the morning. I would just need to get a timer on it to start increasing the brightness at a certain time when I wanted to wake up. This was a ‘light bulb’ moment (pun intended), thinking this could be a great business idea, maybe some sort of alarm clock with a light that does this. One google search later, of course it already exists. Though, I don’t know why I didn’t think of looking for something like this sooner.

Anyway I couldn’t find any of these kinds of alarm clocks in South Africa and was thinking of ordering over Amazon, when my next click moment came about. What about developing an app for it? Once again, another google search and it’s all been made :/ So I sifted through a few available apps and came across a really cool one that seems to do a great job,  the ‘Gentle Wakeup – Sleep & Alarm Clock with Sunrise.


Looking For A 'Lighter' Way To Wake Up? Looking For A 'Lighter' Way To Wake Up? alarm light app

(Yes that is a phone stand made from cardboard ? and it is surprisingly easy to make and quite effective. I also made a laptop stand from cardboard. If you’re interested in more things like that follow my Instagram and keep an eye on the stories ?)


You set an alarm time, say 6 am. You can then set the light (or the screen brightness) to gradually increase from a set time before the alarm (say 20 minutes before), so that by 6 am it will be fully lit up. You can also setup some sounds to gradually increase and help with a more relaxing wake up, sounds like water running, forest sounds, birds chirping etc. I found this really helped me, and eases my waking up a whole lot more than using a loud alarm sound.

2 things to remember:

  1. Give it some time, about a few weeks to get used to it. You may miss the first one or two light alarms (also depending how dark your room is), but after a few days you sort of get used to it and get accustomed to the level of light in the morning.
  2. The brightness may vary depending on your phone, and it won’t be as great as the sun (obviously) but it does a decent job nonetheless.

So give it a try and let me know if it helps you or if it doesn’t or if you have any questions about it. (I have no affiliation with the app or anything, I just thought I would share it since it worked for me).


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