It’s an understandable issue: Someone decides to get fit and address their eating patterns. They may do some research, and take fitness supplements because some are proven to be good when taken in moderation. They can range anywhere from protein supplements to fat burners.

Issues can occur when they are taken in excess and the person becomes addicted both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, protein supplements may spell trouble for our kidneys, and fat burners can be bad for our hearts when taken excessively.

It might have been easy enough to become addicted, but really hard to break free. If someone has a naturally obsessive personality, that is an added obstacle to overcome. This article is designed to help anyone who cares for someone with these issues, which could be applied to any sort of addictive behavior.

Getting Help and Being Realistic

Some people end up going to rehab to get free. That is one end of the spectrum. Others decide that counselling is the way forward. The experts at On Demand Counseling explain that providing counsel and dealing with the main source of the problem is one of the most effective ways to help and take care of an individual. They believe in asking specialized questions before the session begins, relating to pre-screening and medical insurance eligibility, and to allow the person to admit to the problem. 

One needs to go into this with one’s eyes wide open. There may be relapses and there could be painful withdrawal symptoms. Having said that, it is possible and probably more effective for someone to reduce their supplement intake gradually over three weeks (reducing by 25%, 50%, and 75% respectively) before being completely off. To know that hope can be key to getting through the struggle. 

Getting the Supplements From Food

Rather than just removing the intake of supplements, it is important to fill the gap. Addicts should eat whole foods as they can contain ingredients that do the same job, and in more cases, do it better than the supplements. It’s worth looking up the value of natural vitamins B, C and D as well, as these have benefits in this area also. Research into what foods contain what nutrients will help to find the best sources to replace the supplements.



Rely More on Physical Activities

Many addicts are already taking exercise as part of their overall lifestyle, but this should certainly be done if it isn’t. It is widely known that there is a release of endorphins and other body chemicals that is released during exercise. The rush or ‘high’ is similar to that gained from illegal drugs. These natural chemicals can fight for a person, and help them overcome their addiction. Sometimes the person may be only doing one type of exercise, specifically for the results.

More fun alternatives and more of a variety of exercises should be introduced to allow more enjoyment to be derived from the exercise sessions. This type of ‘exercise’ will actually reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms, whether it is a simple jog or even a game of tennis. One needs to find what they enjoy doing.

Naturally obsessive people should avoid going overboard on exercise, however. It’s also important to be aware that the body is recovering from the addiction, so it won’t be 100% ready for a full routine. The addict must be disciplined yet gentle with themselves.  Hiking, swimming and dancing can count as a valuable exercise in this regard. If someone is elderly or has a medical condition (including pregnancy) it is even more important to consult a doctor. Amongst other things, the medic will recommend gentle exercise. Simple things like gardening or going for a walk with the kids or a dog can be done instead of a visit to the gym. 


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There can be a number of reasons why people get addicted in the first place.  The addiction can be physical, and there can also be an emotional dependence on the supplements. Regular connections with close friends can help with addicted people. Mindfulness exercises have also been proven to help with recovery. It can take just a few minutes three times a day to reset the mind and restore its focus. 

It is encouraging that there is hope for people who are in this situation. Help can come through mindfulness practices, friends, exercise and a healthy diet. Professional assistance is also out there. People have to be disciplined and maintain focus, pushing through the pain. On the other side are freedom and the chance of a normal and healthy life.


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