This powerful guided visual meditation will help you to learn to speak to yourself in a much more positive way, building yourself up and growing your self belief. It will help and allow you to achieve anything that you want to do by visualizing exactly what you want to accomplish and thus enabling the actions needed for your goals and dreams, to manifest in your life.


Instead Of Learning How To Meditate, Learn To FOCUS.


REMEMBER though, the power of mindfulness and meditation needs to be practiced constantly in order to obtain their full benefits and effects, so try to do one of these meditations, or other guided meditations (or even meditate yourself when you are comfortable enough to do so) a few times a week at least.

In order to really release these negative emotions from our subconscious you need to meditate constantly, even if it’s only a few minutes a day, otherwise we end up with only a temporary solution, where we feel at peace only when we meditate that once in a while. The goal is to be at peace always and through any situation no matter how tough, and this is achieved through constant mindfulness practice and meditation 🙂



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