Take A Ride With Me To The Union Buildings

Sit back, relax and come and take a ride with me as I skate ✨on my bamboo evolve gtr electric board, 🐱‍🏍 to The Union Buildings in Pretoria. I also get a really cool view over looking a bit of Pretoria North 🌈



Union Buildings Electric Skate Union Buildings Electric Skate


360 Degree (Video) Views ESkating at The Union Buildings

Thought I would give a 360 video a try on Youtube, check out a 360 Degree View✨🐱‍🏍 while electric skate boarding at The Union Buildings in Pretoria.



If you’re looking to get an Evolve Electric skate board in South Africa, click here to Shop Evolve: Use CODE: Evolve x Nishal for R750 off your purchase!


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