Does chiropractic therapy help? For years, people have debated on this topic, many have spoken for it, while many spoke against, dismissing it altogether. However, an increasing number of studies have shown that chiropractic therapy shows positive results. If not eliminating the issues, chiropractic therapy allows people to live life comfortably by bringing chronic issues under control.

Keep reading to know more about five different chronic issues that chiropractic therapy can most likely help bring under control.

1. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a serious, chronic disorder that involves sensitivity and pain in the whole musculoskeletal system of the human body. The diagnosed patients have also reported chronic fatigue, insomnia and mood swings as additional problems. The central nervous system is directly affected when one is diagnosed with this disorder.
This issue affects over 2% of the US citizens and medical science is yet to discover the cause of this condition.

Although, some of the latest scientific studies show that the chiropractic adjustments done to the patient along with ischemic compression, a treatment given to the soft tissue, can help FM patients. Reduced pain, better sleep and less fatigue were some common results of chiropractic therapy on FM patients.

2. Sinus issues

With just a few adjustments in the spinal cord and the neck, chiropractors can help soothe multiple problems. While sinus congestion is a common problem and chiropractic therapy doesn’t fully eradicate the issue, it can increase the amount of time between two consecutive therapy sessions, that is, it gives the patient better relief. If you remain congested most of the time, an adjustment in the upper portion of the cervix can open up the passages causing the sinus to drain out of your head easily. This can help have a clearer sinus passage and throat.

3. Neck pain

Although not a chronic issue, it is one of the most prevalent problems around the world. It is also an issue that makes people seek chiropractic therapy commonly. A visit to the chiropractor for neck pain can help ease stiffness and a sore neck.


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4. Stiff body or No flexibility

A stiff body does no good to you and only hinders your everyday tasks. Few chiropractic therapy sessions, along with the prescribed exercise, can help you overcome this problem easily.

A chiropractor generally uses spine adjustments and manipulates a few other parts of the body to align all the bones and release the stress in the joints to relieve you of any pain or inflammation. This treatment also helps you increase your balance and coordination and improve flexibility. With a few sessions, you would see an enhanced range of motion in your muscles. The chiropractor would then recommend some exercises and stretches to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Regular practice and sessions can help you overcome the issues. This would also eliminate the source of your back and joint pain.

5. Stress & Anxiety

When most people visit a chiropractor for headaches, it is clear that they may have many underlying conditions. Chiropractic therapy can help release all the joint and muscle tension, the leading cause and effect of chronic stress. With spinal readjustment, chiropractors can help release uneven pressures on the body’s bony areas, helping you relax. This, in turn, increases blood flow around your body and allows you to return to a more relaxed state.

Chiropractic adjustments can also reduce spinal nerve irritation, causing your spine and brain to relax fully and switch off from the alert “fight or flight” state.


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Chiropractic therapy is more preventive than diagnostic. It helps your body and mind relax from within, causing you to feel good after just a few sessions. Hence, if you suffer from chronic issues, visiting a chiropractor for relief is a wise decision.


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