Athletes are some of the most competitive people in the world. For them, it has always been about winning, and that may be why the use and possibly abuse of steroids is as rampant as it is.  Though, a lot of people who seem to use and  maybe abuse steroids tend to be male weightlifters, who aren’t doing it for athletic purposes, but more for the aesthetic purposes. On the surface it may look harmless, but it can lead to various other destructive habits and can even be rooted in deep psychological issues, that may need professional help.

All About Attitude

Most of the people who abuse steroids seem to fit a certain profile. They will typically have higher rates of depression, lower self-esteem, are more likely to attempt suicide and, generally, have poor attitudes toward and knowledge about health in general. 

Steroid or drug abuse is something deep-rooted and psychological. You can already see, from the description above, that men who abuse steroids are likely to feel small. It’s not so much that the steroids cause anything as it is that you have to be a particular kind of person to abuse steroids. In fact, it is well known that many men who misuse steroids tend to suffer from a behavioral disorder known as dysmorphia. This is a condition where the man thinks that he looks weak and small, even when he may be especially large and muscular. When someone suffers from something like this, they can never be satisfied where they are, and they tend to keep wanting to be bigger. They will always think that they are not big or good enough.


Could Weightlifters Be More Susceptible To Going Overboard With Steroids Than Other People?


Several Positives Aspects of Weightlifting

Weightlifters and weightlifting as a whole are not bad at all. Adopting weightlifting can help you in many ways. It can build a particular competitive spirit in you and train you to chase after your goals. It can also help you to fight drug or alcohol addiction in both psychological and physical ways. MedTruth also has something to say about fighting drug addiction. So, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be a weightlifter.

The thing is, if you already suffer from low self-esteem and will do whatever it takes to make yourself look big and muscular, even when you don’t feel like it on the inside, then you are likely to abuse steroids and want to keep chasing that ‘perfection’ that you have created in your mind. However, that need to find a temporary fix to a permanent problem isn’t one that can be solved by steroids. Permanent psychological help is needed in that case, and a conscious mindset of what you are doing needs to be in place. If it’s not looked into, it can then lead to abuse of many other things like alcohol, and even a whole range of other addictive drugs.
Could Weightlifters Be More Susceptible To Going Overboard With Steroids Than Other People?

Ultimately, you should seek psychological solutions to psychological problems and preferably permanent ones with the help of your loved ones and a professional. When you love the person who you are on the inside, then weightlifting will help you love the person on the outside as well.

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