These days life is extremely busy, particularly in a culture that continues to shift toward more remote work and longer hours. This lifestyle makes it even more important than ever to keep personal health and fitness a top priority. To maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible, it is vital to establish consistent exercise routines.

For some, this would mean taking time out of your day to run around the neighborhood or go to the gym. However, for busy people or those who live in cold climates, those options are not always on the table. And so a great solution is to turn to home workouts. As technology continues to develop and make many aspects of our lives easier, the same technological revolution is happening with exercise equipment. Two of the best at-home exercise machines on the market are Tonal and Weela, which can be set up in nearly any room with the addition of a gym mirror to see every move while doing exercise.

However, to live your healthiest life means finding the best equipment to fit your lifestyle, which can help keep you motivated. So what is the difference between Tonal and Weela? Which one is better for your exercise routine? Let’s walk through what makes each of them an outstanding choice.


Tonal Vs Weela: Which One Is The Best Piece Of Equipment For Your Home Gym?


What is Tonal?

Tonal is an innovative piece of home exercise equipment, which it deems “the world’s most intelligent home gym and personal trainer.” In fact, it is effectively an entire at-home gym all in one unit. The base of Tonal is a screen that hangs on the wall in your living room, bedroom, or exercise room. Through the machine, you can do many things, such as watching a personal trainer, coordinating your exercise routine and tracking the progress of your workouts. With built-in arms and digital weights, Tonal allows users to maximize weightlifting and resistance training from right in the comfort of their own home. When paired with a fitness mirror so that you can watch your movements and ensure you are successfully doing all of the motions correctly, Tonal can be an exceptional piece of exercise equipment to keep you motivated and help you live a healthier and fit life.

What is Weela?

Similar to Tonal, Weela is a technologically advanced piece of home exercise equipment that gives people the freedom to work out effectively on their own time and in their own house or apartment. Weela is designed like a smart mat, lying on the floor and including built-in pull straps to do both weight training and resistance training. When paired with a gym mirror and its dynamic mobile app, Weela allows users to customize their workouts, track progress, and get creative with their home exercise routines.


Tonal Vs Weela: Which One Is The Best Piece Of Equipment For Your Home Gym?


Difference in Functionality

While both very similar products, Tonal and Weela have some key functionality differences. The biggest difference is their portability. Weela is a portable device, easily being stored out of sight or transported into a different room or residence. Tonal, by contrast, is a heavy machine that needs to be securely fastened to the wall, so moving it regularly is out of the question.

Difference in Uses

Though both Tonal and Weela offer personalized exercise coaching, that is most of the focus of Tonal. Because it is mounted on the wall and has a large screen to watch while you are doing your workout, the personalized training that you receive is always at the forefront of the device. Weela also offers personal training, but it comes through its mobile app. This makes it a nice feature, but your phone screen cannot offer the same quality of instruction mid-workout that the large Tonal screen can. For both of these devices, however, it is important to have a gym mirror nearby so that you can ensure you are making the proper movements.


Tonal Vs Weela: Which One Is The Best Piece Of Equipment For Your Home Gym?


Price Difference of These Tools

Perhaps the biggest difference between Tonal and Weela is the price. Weela’s are simpler pieces of equipment, without the strong wall mounting and large video interface, so they come with a much cheaper price point. Weelas typically run for $1,000 or less, being offered as low as $599. The Tonal, on the other hand, retails for nearly $3,000.

Which One is the Better Equipment for Your Home Gym?

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what Tonal and Weela are, and also about what makes them unique and different from one another. Between design, use, functionality, and price, it is time to decide which is better for your lifestyle. Are you frequently on the go, or working out in different locations? For you, a Weela would be a better option. Ready to invest in your health and dedicate yourself to a personalized and consistent exercise routine? You might want to try Tonal.


Tonal Vs Weela: Which One Is The Best Piece Of Equipment For Your Home Gym?


Regardless of which piece of equipment fits your lifestyle better, remember the final detail that will make your workouts easier and help make your form the best that it can be: Always make sure there is a gym mirror around while you are exercising!


Article written by Ed A. Murray.


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