You sit down at your laptop, ready to do some serious work and get in the zone to smash out a whole bunch of tasks that you need to do. 30 minutes go by, then an hour, you check the time and realize you have not even started on the first task! What happened? Instagram, Facebook opened up and got you scrolling, then Youtube took your focus and 5 videos down the line you forgot what you were searching for in the first place! Does this sound familiar?


Instead Of Learning How To Meditate, Learn To FOCUS.


I put together this video highlighting 5 simple tips that you can try and implement to stop procrastinating and get focused on your work or whatever task at hand that you have, while sitting on your laptop online.

I hope they are useful, please do give me any feedback if you have tried them or if you have better strategies!



The Tips are:

  1. Plant a tree, using an app
  2. Put your phones/devices in a different room
  3. Close your door
  4. Turn the beats up
  5. A strategic To Do list


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