Often people get intimidated by people who speak about reducing their waste and living a more ‘minimalist lifestyle’. What you must understand though, is that all it takes is a very small change to start, you don’t have to be implementing and worrying about reducing every tiny bit of waste in your life, initially. It all comes with practice and time and through that we can all do our bit. The great thing that I like about reducing waste and becoming conscious of it, is that it helps reduce our attachment to material things.

I put together a short (sped up) video below, which shows myself making a few toiletry items that I use daily. Once you know how, it’s really easy and fun to make your own.

My reasoning was really simple, I wanted to reduce my plastic waste, reduce the amount of chemicals and ingredients used in daily toiletries, and reduce my dependence on mainstream commercial brands that sell us all their marketing, which we cannot help but fall prey to. 

In the video I make some body lotion, which doubles as face lotion for me and under arm deodorant. All made with only a few ingredients, the main two being coconut oil and raw shea butter. If you would like to know more or have any questions feel free to email me. 


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A few essential 0 waste minimalist things that you can use to be more environmentally friendly to the earth and to yourself 😊💪 From the top, left to right, vinegar. Can be used to clean everything! (mix with water and some. Bicarb). -The yellow stuff is a homemade body and face lotion with shea butter and coconut oil. Can also be used as an under arm deodorant (I'm still perfecting the recipe for that one)😊 -coconut oil is great for just about anything 😉 -Betonite clay can be used as a great rejuvenating face mask when mixed with apple cider vinegar. -Apple cider vinegar can be used in the mask and can be used to clean stuff as well as diluted with water to drink every now and again. (it becomes alkaline in the body) -Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. -The best one yet.. Bicarb soda, perfect as a face wash, can be used to clean stuff as well. —Marketing of products has us by our knees. We don't need multiple cleaning solutions say for the bathroom and another for the kitchen for example. If you check the ingredients in products like that you will see they are exactly the same, one is just called a kitchen cleaner and the other a bathroom cleaner to make us buy more! The other day I went to get some mouthwash (p.s. you can also make your own 😉) and there were so many with different names (of the same brand) and when I had a look the ingredients were EXACTLY the same! So there you go. -Comment below or dm me if you would be interested in trying more 0 waste products like the body lotion or if you want to know more about how they help 😎👆That's all folks. 🐈 . . #fitspo #fitness #bestrong #fitnish #fitfluential #vegan #vegetarian #minimalism #zerowaste #facewash #bicarb #minimalist #things #marketing #gogreen #coconutoil #bamboo #bicarb

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