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6 Reasons Why You Could Be Struggling To lose Fat

If you find yourself trying to lose that unwanted weight and not getting anywhere it could be because of a few important points which you could have overlooked. Take a look below and hopefully we can steer you on the right path. You are eating too much Your diet plays a huge role in whether […]

Losing Weight for Life | 8 Tips To Getting Started

Losing weight is a sensitive subject for many as it is not always the easiest thing to achieve in reality. Where to start, how to start, to stay motivated and focused are often the dominating questions most individuals ask. Advertising makes Losing Weight Difficult Sounds ridiculous to hear someone say media and advertising makes weight […]

One on One With Bikini Competitor and Team Jar Member, Roxy Firmani

Quick Stats Name:  Roxy Firmani Age:  24 Height:  1,71 m Competition weight:  55kg Current weight:  58kg Current city:  Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa Where do you train:  Virgin Active, Sunninghill Occupation: Brand Executive for OPI How long have you been training for and how did you get started? I started training when I was about 16. But nothing […]

Miss SA Xtreme 2013 – Picture and Video Gallery

Miss SA Xtreme U/21 Beach Bikini U/35 Beach Bikini O/35 Beach Bikini Fitness Classic Bodybuilding Body Fitness U/163 cm Body Fitness U/168 cm Body fitness O/168 cm Fitness Bikini U/163 cm Fitness Bikini O/163 cm Video Gallery: Fitness Bikini Beach Bikini Body Fitness & Fitness

The Breakfast of Champions!

So many people are unsure of what exactly makes up a great breakfast, or rather have the idea that they don’t have the time in the mornings to worry about breakfast, and they end up eating a bowl of cereal, or just a small piece of fruit or even end up eating NOTHING at all.  I firmly […]