For me, becoming more and more eco conscious and friendly, and reducing my waste allowed me to also become much more of a minimalist. I like the minimalist approach because it shows you how a lot of the stuff we have/want, is very unnecessary and not useful and we clearly do not need a lot of it.

One thing to note, if you are trying to follow a more eco friendly life or a more minimalist approach to life, it is not about stopping everything entirely, or making a massive change overnight, unless you really want to. All of these things were a gradual change for me and over time it all became more and more of a habit, and yes, ideally it is the plan to get to zero waste, but it is difficult in this day and age. So don’t get caught up with that, just focus on making a change as small as it may seem, it all adds up and over time does get bigger.

On that note, in this video I show 6 Simple Waste Free Tips that you can try on your quest for a more Zero Waste Lifestyle 😉



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