Have you always wanted to work as a Network Field Engineer or a Network Analyst? The CompTIA Network+ certification acts as a passport for a career in networking. In this regard, the appropriate exam also known as Certbolt N10-007 validates an individual’s knowledge of developing functional networks, managing key network devices, creating robust networks using network devices, implementing network security, and troubleshooting network issues.

There’s a lot of work to do, so you’re probably wondering how to prepare quickly and efficiently. This article provides 5 easy steps to pass the CompTIA Network+ Practice Test evaluation at the first attempt. Let’s see them below:

Step 1: Understand the exam details and general requirements

The first step for any serious exam is to examine the test details. Therefore, the CompTIA N10-007 is a core exam that consists of 90 questions of multiple-choice, multiple-response, drag and drops, and performance-based types. You will have only 90 minutes to complete them all, no more. And to succeed in this test candidates are expected to score 720 out of 900 points to be awarded the Network+ certification. It’s important to note that CompTIA recommends candidates to have the Certbolt A+ certification and about 1 year of experience before sitting for the N10-007 exam.

Step 2: Get acquainted with the exam content

The next significant step you need to make is the following one. The CompTIA website provides a list of exam topics that will be tested on the final exam. In other words, candidates should get themselves well acquainted with the following topics before registering for N10-007.

  • Fundamentals of Networking – 23%
  • Concepts of Networking Infrastructure – 18%
  • Network Operations – 17%
  • Network Security – 20%
  • Network Diagnostics and Tools – 22%

Step 3: Create an individual study plan

Planning is key in passing any certification exam. Therefore, candidates should create in advance a study plan and allocate a minimum of two hours every day for training. Moreover, this study plan must be created honoring all personal and work commitments, as overzealousness can leave you without energy and time for your job and personal life.


make notes plan


Step 4: Utilize Certbolt CompTIA resources effectively

At the start of preparation, candidates should identify their knowledge gaps and aim to bridge them. For this purpose, multiple training resources are available on the CompTIA website for self-preparation, including virtual labs, study guides, and video training. Moreover, the CertMaster Learn Training solution that comprises various options for you to train from flashcards, games, and videos to performance-based questions will help candidates learn and prepare for the final test more comprehensively, click here for more.  

Step 5: Practice with exam dumps

As you know, practice makes perfect, and this is one of the most important steps on the way to your success. During this training you find gaps in your knowledge, gain skills to complete various types of questions, and develop time management skills. What’s more, the Network+ candidates require further practice to increase exposure and develop confidence. And CompTIA offers a practice test for test-takers to practice and gain firsthand experience. Meanwhile, exam dumps on reliable external websites are a great resource that students can utilize for practicing.


Rest assured that the CompTIA Network+ exam ensures you are industry-ready and possess the required technical skills. That’s because CompTIA maintains its stellar industry reputation by certifying individuals that are passionate and willing to work hard. At the same time, the five steps outlined in this article will help any candidate to pass the N10-007 exam and gain this CompTIA certification that will be a great addition to your resume and will provide you many growth opportunities.


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