If you are a fan of Hanz Zimmer and epic instrumental music (such as used in movies and powerful movie trailers usually) then you have to check out some of Thomas Edwards’ pieces below. He is a composer, who creates incredible and epic orchestra type music, and he even allows you to use them in your youtube videos 🙂

A little more about him, from the guy himself:

“My name is Thomas Edwards. I am composer and producer of Epic Trailer Music. My favorite Idols are artists like Hanz Zimmer, Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine and so on….My music is something between orchestral and Electronic. I am creating trailer music since 2012, Everything started by mix Requiem for a Dream remix called Evil in Me. I can compose every style but Epic Trailer stuff is the only one which gives me reason to do what i do now. My music can be also heard in some motivation videos across youtube, and is for everyone who need inspiration, emotion and energy.”


Inner Fire, Epic Hybrid Music By Thomas Edwards


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