8 Tips to Staying on the Right Track and Keeping Yourself Motivated

If you’re on your way to trying to do something in your life, be it losing weight or just living a better lifestyle, and you find yourself ready to give in, or you  begin to doubt yourself and your abilities, then read on.

Here you will find a few strategies to help keep you motivated, keep your mind and body on the right track and hopefully will help you stay focused and NOT give up!

1. Set goals

You need to decide exactly what you want to do and create a vision for it.  By having set goals, with deadlines attached to them, you will have no choice but to be accountable for their outcome.  This will keep you on the right line since when you see your goals you will constantly be reminded of what you are working towards and what you need to do in order to achieve those objectives.

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 2. Write down your goals and make a list

Many times people try to keep everything in their head.  From simple things like shopping items and errands to do, to big decisions you need to think about.  By keeping it all in your head you will eventually stress yourself out by trying to juggle all of those thoughts, and the even worse possibility is that you could end up forgetting most of it.  By having your goals written down, it is easy to always go back to that piece of paper and reassure yourself of what you are trying to do.  Also, by having a list of everything that you need to do (such as simple things like errands and shopping lists) you eliminate any guess work where you can possibly forget what you need or what you need to do.

Another important aspect of this to remember is that the more you actually see and read something, the more you will remember it, allowing it to manifest in your mind.

 3. Reflect on your goals DAILY

It’s of no use setting goals and writing them down then tucking them away to be forgotten about.  You need to keep them visually available to yourself every day, every moment if possible.  Paste them up at your desk, or put them up on your kitchen fridge.  Wherever you will see them constantly.

Read them and actively visualize each goal, and allow them to set in your mind and become second nature to you, almost as if they have already happened.

 4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

We are all only human after all, so we are going to make mistakes, we are going to get cravings and give in to them at times.

Once it’s done… It’s done.  Do not dwell on the past, but learn from it.

Stay focused on the present and move forward without giving up.  Remember that life has ups as well as downs.  We need to not necessarily forget about the ‘bad’ things we did, or ‘wrong’ decisions we made, but rather use them to learn from, in order to not make the same mistake twice.

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5. Don’t be extreme – be realistic

Be realistic about what you want to do.  Do not think you are going to lose 20 kg in one day and look like a ripped cover model so quickly.  Everything takes time, dedication and hard work.  So yes you can still lose that 20Kg, but now set a realistic time frame to achieve it.

 6. Have fun and be happy in everything you do

If you hate going to the gym and lifting weights, then get creative; find alternative ways of working out which will be fun and enjoyable for YOU.  There are so many different things to do nowadays, so just do some research or even better invent your own way!

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 7. Try new things

Constantly try new and different things, whether it be trying different training techniques or taking up dance classes which you have never done before.  You should always challenge yourself to keep you out of your comfort zone and to keep yourself from getting stuck doing the same things day in and day out which can become boring without you even knowing it.  It will also help you to not become so used to certain things and allow little chance for your body to adapt to one thing.

 8. Get creative in the kitchen

When people think about bodybuilding diets or even eating healthily, they immediately think about broccoli and bland boiled chicken breasts or hake.  There are so many natural herbs and spices which you can use to create a very tasty and healthy meal.  You just need to do some research and try different recipes with the right ingredients.  Do not fall prey to eating a bland diet, dreading each meal.  This will only lead you to cheat on your diet.  BUT, if that bland simple diet works for you, then by all means carry on!

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