When it comes to taking care of ourselves, staying fit is right there at the top of the list, and many times it really is easier said than done. Many of us have been waiting patiently for gyms to open and are praying that they will stay open in the coming months. One of the best ways we can all collectively act to ensure that this is the case is to be aware of the gym’s cleanliness and strive to clean up after ourselves. Here’s how you can tell if your gym is being cleaned regularly to ensure your safety.

Trust Your Nose

This is one of the golden rules of life, and doesn’t just apply here! Your sense of smell should never be underestimated – if something smells off, it probably is off – because millions of years of evolution have allowed us to spot dangerous and life-threatening smells. Most smells are produced by organic compounds, which are in turn, produced by various living organisms, and sometimes are the living organisms themselves; when you smell mold, you’re also breathing it in. This might sound nasty, but if all you can smell is cleaning products and disinfectants in the air, the gym staff are probably doing their job and keeping the potentially harmful microorganisms away from your respiratory tracts.

Watch the Showers

Any areas that are constantly getting wet are the best places for life to start to thrive. If there’s only one thing you check, make sure its the showers, and the floors if your gym has a pool that you also use. Any weird colors that shouldn’t be there? There might be cause for alarm. If a shower is cleaned and disinfected regularly, even if it stays damp all the time, nothing should be growing on it. If any life form is living it’s best life to the extent that it is visible to your naked eye, someone has been sloppy for a long time. It’s also worthy to note that you can avoid showering at the gym overall, which is advisable under current conditions, but these signs can also be spotted in bathrooms as well as other areas that are wet or even just damp. 


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Ask the Staff

It really helps to go to a gym where you can be part of the same community as the people who work and train there. But whether or not you know the people at the gym, it pays to ask about the gym cleaning schedule. In the UAE, where gyms have been open since July, Gymnation has launched ‘Gym Near Me’, which is a service that helps you locate the closest gym to your home and community. It’s always good to know how clean a place is from the people who work there, so don’t hesitate to ask them how often they clean it. 

Observe the Staff

If you don’t see anyone cleaning (there probably should be someone cleaning all the time seeing as how we’re still struggling to find an effective cure for the coronavirus), then you might want to be a little suspicious.

Of course, you also have to do your part and sanitize the equipment you touch before and after use, but that should go without saying. Check out the other people in the gym too, and if you think someone didn’t properly clean and disinfect a machine after they used it, then make sure you give it a wipe-down before you use it.


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Staying alert and informed is really the best thing you can do to make sure that your gym is both clean and safe. This is how you can not only watch out for yourself, but also for others. As important as it is to watch out for signs that indicate space has not been properly cleaned, you should not freak out or freak anyone else out. These days, almost everyone is stressed out, and for more than one valid reason.

Instead, try to be proactive and encourage the staff to adhere to the recommended cleaning standards. Remember, these are trying times for us all and with the massive amount of false information out there it is important to make sure that we seek knowledge from reliable sources, and not blame each other for our confusion. Stay safe!


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