Callisthenics Upper Body Circuit To Get A Ripped Torso

High Intensity Calisthenics Upper Body Circuit Workout

Here is a great high intensity workout which will keep your heart rate elevated throughout giving you an incredible pump. It can be used to finish off your workout, to just really blast through and totally recruit and exhaust those under-utilised muscle fibers. Or it can be used on a fresh day to target your upper body and really work your core. Whatever you choose it will definitely force you to work up a sweat.

What you will need:

  • Pull up bar
  • Dip bars

How it works:

  • There are 5 exercises to be done in a circuit fashion.
  • Each exercise is to be done one after the other with no rest in between.
  • Do as many reps as you can for each exercise, but aim to do the prescribed amount (displayed under each exercise).
  • Rest 1.5 minutes between sets.
  • Complete 5 sets of the circuit.
  • Record the amount of reps you manage to do for each exercise and for each set. Then aim to beat those numbers next time.

fit girl plank push up

Download a printable training log of the High Intensity Calisthenics Upper Body Circuit Workout,  here:

Exercise 1:

  • Pull ups: Close/narrow grip

  • 10 reps

Exercise 2:

  • Push ups (Narrow stance, hands close to your chest)

  • 15 – 10 reps

Exercise 3:

  • Dips

  • 15 – 10 reps

Exercise 4:

Exercise 5:

  • Plank

  • Hold for 1 minute
  • Advanced: Add a weight to your back

Cool Down:

  • 20 minutes stretching and meditation

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