Total Body, Fat Shredding Workout

Shed your fat away with this high intensity workout. If you hate doing cardio, then this workout is just for you. It combines high intensity interval training with compound weight training exercises giving you the best of both worlds. It is a circuit style programme, so it will keep your heart rate right up!

How it works:

  • Each circuit is 12 minutes long.
  • Do the prescribed amount of reps for each exercise one after the other, with no breaks in between exercises, for as many rounds as you can until the 12 minutes is up.
  • To check if your level is improving, record the amount of rounds you do within the 12 minutes and aim to beat that. But DO NOT RUSH.

*Please be sure to use correct form and do not rush through the exercises as this can lead to injury. Also if the workout seems like too much for you, you can split it up into 2 workouts and work your way up to it.

  • Rest 4 minutes after completing each 12 minute circuit, and then move onto the next one.
  • If the 12 minutes length is too long for you, you can always reduce it to anywhere between 8 and 12 minutes.

Fit girl squatting

Download a printable workout log of the Total Body, Fat Shredding Workout, here:

Total Body, Fat Burning Workout:

Circuit 1:

  • Deadlifts @ 1.5 x Body Weight
  • Squats @ 1 x Body Weight
  • Bench Press @ 1 x Body Weight
  • One rep each for 12 minutes

Circuit 2:

  • Deadlifts @ 1 x Body Weight
  • Pull Ups
  • 6 Reps each for 12 min

Circuit 3:

  • Squats @ 1 x Body Weight
  • Box Jumps
  • 6 Reps Each for 12min

Circuit 4:

  • Bench Press @ 1 x Body Weight
  • Push Ups
  • 6 Reps for 12 minutes

High Intensity Interval Training Running 12 minutes. (optional)


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