What is real? How do we define real?

I recently came across a really interesting and well written article by Riz Virk, about how life may be one big simulation. I’m sure we have all heard about the idea that we may all be living in a video game like world, where we aren’t actually doing anything and the life we lead here is can be compared to a ‘dream’, kind of like in the matrix.

The compelling aspect of the article for me, was how well written it was and how if you really think about it, life does have such astounding similarities to a video game simulation. Just something to think about. Also, philosophy and religious views are included in the article in addition to the natural facets of technology and artificial intelligence.

Anyway, if this has got you interested, the link to the full article is below. When the movie the Matrix came out in 1999 (yes almost 20 years ago! and the movie is still one of the greatest :p ), there is that iconic scene where the little kid tells neo that “there is no spoon”. Most people didn’t really get what the kid was saying or referring to and Riz explains it so well and simply so I thought I would share that paragraph below, in case, after all these years you are still wondering what that child was going on about.


Could The Matrix Actually Be 'Real'?


“As a great example, I was playing a prototype of a Ping Pong VR game last year (built by Free Range Games), and even though it wasn’t realistic resolution, I lost myself and thought I was playing ping pong for real. So much so that I set the paddle on the ping pong “table” and leaned against the table. Of course it was a VR table so it didn’t really exist — I ended up dropping the paddle (actually the Vive controller) onto the floor. As I leaned into the “table” I almost fell over before realizing that there was no table. In other words, to quote from the Matrix, there is no spoon.”

Read the full article here.

Could The Matrix Actually Be 'Real'?


Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


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