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If Only There Were Better, More Exciting Ways To Do Cardio!

Are you one of those people who goes to the gym just to do some cardio? Doesn’t it get boring doing the same old thing on the treadmill, or stationery bike? If you enjoy it, that’s perfectly fine, but I know sometimes it can become quite boring and monotonous. If you feel the same way […]

Jon Venus, Vegan Shredding!

Jon Venus is a vegan bodybuilder and Youtuber, and is currently planning to lean down and reduce his body fat. He gives a good overview and explanation of how he plans to lose the fat using a vegan diet, in this video. It is quite helpful for people wanting to lose weight but are unsure […]

One On One With Calisthenics Trainer And RipCore Co Founder, Adam Deane

Quick stats Name: Adam Deane Age: 29 Height: 1.72m Current weight: 72 kg Current city: Cape Town, South Africa Occupation: Sports Event Manager How long have you been training in calisthenics and how did you get started in it? I’ve been solely focused on Calisthenics for roughly 18 months now. After seeing some Barstarzz videos […]

Which Is The Best Protein Powder? Reviews.com ‘Wheys’ In

An interesting article by Reviews.com had a look at a wide range of different protein powders to assess ultimately, which are the best protein powders. Of course there are various things to take into consideration when attempting such a scale of a review on these supplements. Some of the main aspects which they focused on […]

10 Motivational SA Male Athletes You Should Be Following! 2nd Edition

Check out the 1st Edition here! Check out the 3rd Edition here! 1. andrew hudson Follow him: bulkhudson 2. jesse pretorius Follow him: Jesse Pretorius 3. Sibusiso Kotelo Follow him: Sibusiso Kotelo 4. johnny lucas Follow him: Johnny Lucas 5. Muzi Maluleke Follow him: Muzi Maluleke 6. daniel wessels Follow him: Daniel Wessels 7. louis bessinger Follow him: Louis Bessinger 8. […]

The Disturbing Truth About Trans Fats

There are a number of controversial debates in the world of nutrition but one of the few subjects that are widely accepted across the board is the dangerous nature of trans fats. Fortunately, there is now large-scale awareness on reducing the consumption of trans fats across the globe, but a large number of people are […]

3 Great Foods That Burn Fat!

  Weight loss is a journey and reaching your destination can be quite frustrating. There are ups and downs, some failures and then there are days you would just not feel like working out at all. Exercise and diet go hand in hand in order for this journey to be a successful one. You might […]

One On One With Beach Bikini Champ, Leana Viviers

Quick stats Name: Leana Viviers Age: 26 Height: 1.74 m Competition weight: 58 kg Current weight: 58 kg (Currently in competition prep) Current city: Benoni, South Africa Occupation: Fitness Bikini Model Have you always been into fitness? How did you get into this lifestyle? No, I’ve always tried to avoid the gym by any means […]

An Interview With Kiara & Ethan Ducasse, Founders Of SynerChi Organics

Quick Stats Company Name: SynerChi Organics Started in: April 2013 Founders: Kiara & Ethan Ducasse Number of Employees: 6 Number of Ambassadors/Sponsored Athletes: 8 Based in: Sandown Johannesburg, South Africa Tell us a bit about what SynerChi Organics is and what you do: SynerChi Organics’ mission is to provide humanity with the highest quality plant […]