There are so many ‘trends‘ and ‘products’ in the world, the majority of which do very little of what they actually promise or claim. Marketing usually takes over in order to sell the product no matter what, since most brands are only concerned about money and turning a profit, and that’s where we as consumers need to be more vigilant. Many people easily fall prey to cool and trendy marketing gimmicks and thus end up trying all these temporary products that never seem to work.

We need to open our minds, ask more questions and research more. Have you ever really thought about the things you do or buy and why you buy them? We have all been brain washed and influenced, to do things because society does them and they are considered the ‘norm’. We buy things just to fit in, even though we may not like them. We need to wake up and stop just going with what we read or what the next trend is or what the latest celebrity is doing. We need to start thinking and questioning for ourselves.

For instance, we buy products and foods from the shelves of a supermarket, and expect that there is some sort of regulation of what actually goes into those products. Unfortunately that is hardly the case and we don’t bother to ask or check what exactly goes into them. It is actually right in front of us telling us that a particular ingredient is in there and we just accept it and that it must be fine for us. Then years down the line may face the consequences…

Products That Promise A "Detox" Are A Sham. Yes, All Of Them!

Vox gives a great look at why ‘Detoxes’ are nothing special and don’t really do what they claim to do:

“After a period of overindulgence, like the holidays, there are a few things that can boost your immediate sense of well being, and maybe even improve your long-term health outcomes: get a good night’s sleep, limit your alcohol intake, do some exercise, and eat a balanced diet. Unfortunately, these things don’t come in a magic pill form, and usually require a level of commitment that lasts for longer than a one-week detox cleanse.”

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