Falling Prey To Marketing | Heartburn and ENO

In todays media driven world, there are so many different products and millions of adverts and marketing campaigns at play in front of us. With all this information it’s hard to cipher through all the nonsense and find out the truth or the right products and information. Thus, it is so important to do your own research and find our for yourself without believing everything you watch or read. Even more so when it comes to nutritional products, as food items are crucial to our proper and optimal functioning.

If you watch TV you undoubtedly have seen some sort of advert for a powder that you can take (with water) to deal with heartburn. The most common is ENO. Now this is not so much to say anything about the powder or ENO itself but rather with why YOU are using it.

“The antacid powder is mixed with water to produce a sparkling antacid drink for the temporary relief of heartburn & indigestion caused by too much food and drink.”

The adverts usually show a person having a meal and eating a bit too much food. The resulting effect is indigestion and heartburn from eating more than they should have. And what do you know, you can just dissolve the powder in some water and drink it after indulging in your favourite meal, and you will feel refreshed and without any burn. What’s wrong here though?

The problem is the indirect ‘promotion’ of indulging. Overeating can cause massive weight gain. Why not exercise some self control and not eat so much. You can still enjoy foods that you love but by controlling your portions you receive a whole host of benefits for your body and NO heartburn or indigestion. Thus no need for the powders.

Just something to think about.

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