Course: Snack

Vegetarian ‘Morning Kickstarter’ Smoothie Recipe

This great ‘Morning Kickstarter’ Smoothie can be incorporated into anyones lifestyle whether you are vegetarian or not. The reason the title includes ‘vegetarian,’ is for someone who has recently made the change. Becoming vegetarian, you can find yourself baffled on what to eat and you may not enjoy the idea of actually having to eat loads […]

Peanut Butter And Chickpea Frozen Fudge Recipe

Another very simple recipe to satisfy a sweet craving on a hot summers day, and it includes peanut butter! Try adding any of the below ingredients to your frozen fudge: Chocolate chips Raisins Dried strawberries Cashew nuts Crumbled biscuits Check out weigh-less for alternative healthy ingredients.

A Simple way to make Homemade Cottage Cheese

If you haven’t discovered and don’t eat cottage cheese yet, you are really missing out. This super food is high in casein protein, which digests relatively slowly. It can be used in so many ways, to make tasty high protein desserts, dips, milk shakes and much more. Now if you ever find yourself in a […]

Nutritious Snack: Dark Chocolate Protein Bites

We all like chocolate, well most of us anyway.  It’s just unfortunate that it tastes soooo good but is not all that great in helping us with losing fat.  But then again once in a while a few small pieces are all right.  Now wouldn’t it be great if we had a chocolate bar which […]

A Delicious And Nutritious Post Workout Smoothie

Here is a recipe for a mouth-watering, nutritious, high protein smoothie which can be used ideally after an intense workout out, or even as a snack in between meals. Just a small tip, if you want to make a sweet smoothie and have it thick and milky like a milkshake, opt for low fat plain […]

Best Ever Banana Bread

Here is a simple recipe for good old banana bread. I have changed some of the original ingredients for more healthy options, so try not to be too shocked when you read the ingredients!

Healthy and Tasty Sweet Snack

I get cravings for something sweet all the time and yes it is difficult to resist those sweeeeet temptations. But here is a way to satisfy them. Think of ways to make something sweet, out of good nutritious ingredients. Today’s recipe is quick and easy to make. So let’s get straight into it! Perfect for […]

Healthy Homemade Pizza With An Oat Base!

Ever see someone enjoying a nice big slice of pizza and thinking, wow I wish I could eat that and still lose weight! And then in your mind you start trying to justify to yourself that, that one piece of pizza could actually be low in calories, “I mean there’s all those vegetables on top […]