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In Conversation With Francois Beya

In this video, Francois Beya discusses a few different things, from aspects of his childhood, his life threatening car accident, to training tips of the pros and if he really needs motivation doing what he does! Watch the shorter more motivating video titled Be Awakened with Francois Beya. Some of the questions include: 00:09 You’re French […]

WBFF Pro Jesse Pretorius Shares His Chest And Ab Training Workouts And Secrets!

Chest: What are your 3 staple chest exercises? Incline bench Alternating incline dumbbell press Incline flies Do you have any unconventional chest exercises that you like? Maybe alternating dumbbell press, I don’t see that often. What are your top tips when training your Chest? Do incline bench! In your opinion, which is the most common […]

One On One With Bodybuilder And Founder of Body sculpt Labs, Mohseen Patel

Quick stats Name: Mohseen Patel Age: 32 Height: 1.67 m Competition weight: 64.4 kg Current weight: 73 kg Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation: Founder of Body sculpt Labs / Product Developer How did you get started? I started weight training during High School. At 15 years old and weighing just 35kgs, I certainly was […]

One On One With Fitness Model And WBFF Pro, Jesse Pretorius

Quick stats Name: Jesse Pretorius Age: 20 Height: 1.80 m Competition weight: 84 kgs Current weight: 100 kgs Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation: Student How did you get started so young? I played school cricket, rugby and did athletics. I trained to get an edge over my competition and I then saw a massive […]

Francois Beya Motivation | Be Awakened.

Be Awakened is a short film that aims to be a combination of motivation, an interview and a film to get to know more about an incredible man and athlete, Francois Beya who changed his life after a terrible self inflicted car accident. Another full uncut video interview will be up in a few weeks, where […]

ARMS And ABS Training With Damian Wade du Plessis

Biceps: What are your 3 best go to biceps exercises? Preacher curls Standing straight bar curls Seated dumbbell curls In that order. What are your top 3 tips when training your biceps? Focus on the burn. Slow reps. Squeeze at the top(end of each rep). What are some common mistakes people make when training their […]

WBFF PRO Marco Araujo, Chest & Triceps Workout [VIDEO]!

We have decided to give you a glimpse into how some of the best athletes in SA train to help you learn more about them and to gather as many tips as possible from them to help your own training! In this video we see how Wbff Pro Marco Araujo trains chest and a bit […]

Calisthenics Training And Tips And Where To Start, With Matt Curran!

Read Matt’s Full interview. For someone getting into the basics of calisthenics training, How would someone start off and what sort of programme could they follow? Much like conventional methods of gym that have your compound movements such as squats, bench press, dead lifts  etc., body weight too has its own. The foundation movements are push-ups, pull-ups, […]

One On One With Calisthenics Enthusiast And RipCore Co Founder, Matt Curran

Quick stats Name: Matt Curran Age: 25 Height: 1.81 m Current weight: 80 kgs Current city: The land of gold, JHB South Africa Occupation: HR consultant and aspiring entrepreneur How long have you been training in calisthenics and how did you get started in it? Roughly a year now, but competitively for 6 months. What […]