Three Tips to Improve Brain Health

People say that wisdom comes with age. But what they forget to mention is that various health problems entail aging as well.

Boost your brain power

One of these age-related disabilities is memory deterioration. This is not surprising given that the brain weakens, just like other organs in the body, when not exercised regularly.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent memory deterioration from happening, and improve your overall brain health.

1. Start a hobby

The human brain is a learning machine. It is ideal to continue learning and challenging yourself even after graduating from college. In order to do that, you should start a new hobby.

Learning to play a musical instrument and doing crafts are two of the most pursued hobbies by the older sector.

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise

Another brain-boosting hack is exercise. Most people work out to lose weight or to improve their physique. What they don’t know is that exercising has characteristics that can make the human brain sound. “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning,” said John Ratey, a psychiatrist from Harvard Medical School. Unlike weight loss, exercise for brainpower requires little time on the treadmill. Even a mere 10 minutes of activity can do wonders for your brain.

Exercise your brain!

3. Learn a new language

Believe it or not, learning a new language has enormous benefits for your brain.

According to Ellen Bialystok of York University, “As the human body begins its natural decline in old age, bilinguals seem to maintain better cognitive function”.

Bialystok added, “It’s something that keeps the mind active in the same way as puzzles and games do, and works toward compensating for the build-up of dementia-causing pathology in the brain.”

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