The Fit Five! 5 Tips For You, If You Are Deciding To Give Yoga A Try

Are you contemplating giving a yoga class a try but unsure exactly what you will be in for? Are you intimidated? Or scared? Or maybe you think its for people who just want to be flexible and not strong?

Whatever you may be thinking, yoga is a great class to try, it can improve your strength, balance, flexibility, core control and the list goes on.

If you keep walking past the yoga class to the weights section, just jump right into the class and give it a shot.

The Fit Five! 5 Tips For You, If You Are Deciding To Give Yoga A Try

If you are still weary, here are 5 tips to help get you started with it:

1. It doesn’t matter what they think.

Don’t worry about what people will think or that they will watch you or judge you if you can’t do it. Many people are still beginners in the class and everyone is still trying to master the poses, believe me. Even the more regular goers are still trying to keep up and are not one bit worried about what you are doing.

2. Stick with it.

Be prepared to stick with it and be consistent in order to see changes and progress. Aim to do at least one or two classes a week for a few months. Over time you will see awesome progress and you will find your strength and flexibility increase.

3. It’s tougher than it looks.

Be prepared for yoga to be tougher than it looks. Many guys think yoga and pilates are for the girls or for guys who don’t lift weights, and don’t see the benefits of them. The complete opposite is true. Trying to hold certain poses for a few seconds can prove to be extremely challenging even for the biggest and ‘strongest’ of men.

4. Flexible or not, got for it!

A misconception people also have is that they need a certain level of flexibility before entering a yoga class. You do not have to be flexible at all to do yoga! Through doing yoga you will become more flexible.

The Fit Five! 5 Tips For You, If You Are Deciding To Give Yoga A Try

5. Pace yourself.

Compete with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with other people who may be at different levels to you, just go at your own pace and enjoy the journey. Everything takes time, and with constant practice you will progress.

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