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SSN 100% Whey Protein Review

Today I will be focusing on and reviewing the brand SSN, 100% Whey protein. Flavors and Sizes: It comes in a variety of flavors, these being: Cookies and Cream Chocolate Strawberry Banana Toffee Choc Nut Toffee It comes in two sizes, 909g (2lbs) and 2Kg (4.4lbs). Taste: I will be judging this on the strawberry, […]

Supplement Reviews – Whey Protein Concentrate Review

In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with so many adverts and gimmicks, from companies all trying desperately to sell us something in order to help us achieve something great. And it is of no help when you walk into a shop looking for something specific, only to find that there are a hundred different […]

Supplement Scandal – Secrets Revealed

Today I came across a very good article written by Hilton Preen, once a Mr South Africa, a great bodybuilding champion and a man with extensive knowledge on nutrition. The article is all about the current state of the sports supplements industry within South Africa as well as all over the world. I have my […]