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Which Is The Best Protein Powder? ‘Wheys’ In

An interesting article by had a look at a wide range of different protein powders to assess ultimately, which are the best protein powders. Of course there are various things to take into consideration when attempting such a scale of a review on these supplements. Some of the main aspects which they focused on […]

Ronnie Coleman’s ISO-TROPIC MAX Whey Protein Isolate Review

Here, we review one of the whey protein powders, from 8 time Mr Olympia, Ronnie Coleman‘s signature series line of supplements. It goes by the name of ISO-TROPIC MAX. You can see more of the line here: So firstly, what is the purpose of a whey protein shake and what do we need it for? […]

A few Of The Most Common Supplementation Questions ANSWERED!

We all have to start somewhere, and if you have decided to start using a few supplements, I am pretty sure there are a lot of questions on your mind about them. Hopefully the questions and answers below will shed some light on the basics of supplementation. Some of the questions may seem pretty arbitrary […]

An Interview With Kiara & Ethan Ducasse, Founders Of SynerChi Organics

Quick Stats Company Name: SynerChi Organics Started in: April 2013 Founders: Kiara & Ethan Ducasse Number of Employees: 6 Number of Ambassadors/Sponsored Athletes: 8 Based in: Sandown Johannesburg, South Africa Tell us a bit about what SynerChi Organics is and what you do: SynerChi Organics’ mission is to provide humanity with the highest quality plant […]

Supplement Basics | Know The Difference Between Protein Powders

With so many different supplements on the market it can be really difficult for someone new to the industry, to know exactly what each does and what each is used for. Protein powders alone come in so many different types, all serving more or less the same purpose. It also doesn’t help that some supplement […]

10 Tips To Go From Fatigued To Fantastic In The Gym

Why do some people develop incredible physiques? Is it the training, the supplements, the coaching? Is it genetics, finding the perfect routine, or going to the right gym? Naturally, all these play a role, but something you may not have considered is something even more fundamental, energy. If you thumb through a bodybuilding magazine, you […]

Supplementation 101 Back to Basics | Getting Under The Marketing Hype

Many people, when starting out on their weight loss/muscle gaining journey tend to get sucked into all the big marketing hype and shiny claims from most supplement companies these days. It forces them to immediately ask the question, “Which supplements should I take?” This is before they have even sorted out their diet or training. […]

Review: Muscletech 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus

This is a review of the 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus from Muscletech. There are a few variants that you can get for yourself, of Muscletech Whey,like the NitroTech. Let’s just have a brief look at exactly what we want a whey protein shake for and when we should be using it.  A whey protein shake, primarily, […]

Biogen ISO Whey Protein Review

Today I will be focusing on and reviewing the brand Biogen, ISO whey protein.  You can check out more of their supplement range here, Let’s just have a look at exactly what we want a whey protein shake for and when should we be using it?  A whey protein shake, primarily, is there for […]

Evox 100% Whey Protein Review

Today I will be focusing on and reviewing the brand Evox, 100% Whey protein. Here’s a bit of general information on whey protein.  Whey protein is extracted from milk.  Milk is made up of whey protein and casein protein and generally whey protein digests much quicker than casein.  So to recap from my first post, […]