In case you missed the Arnold Classic South Africa event, which was held on the 5 – 7 May 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre, there are many pictures and videos all over social media that you can check out!

I scoured Facebook and Instagram and have embedded (only the public posts, videos and pictures) a lot of the Arnold Classic Africa posts that I could find, from many people around South Africa. There were so many I have separated them into 5 parts! 

The Arnold Sports Festival is an annual multisport event celebrating numerous sporting codes. It is named after the legendary professional bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This mother international event is a three-day affair held every March in Columbus, Ohio, featuring a bodybuilding and fitness tournament and a three-day Fitness Expo. This is a multisport and exhibition extravaganza featuring all national sport federations.

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Anelicke Neethling 

Francis Watkins Photos

The pro’s top six – ACA 2017

And the overall winner is..ACA 2017

More heavies…ACA 2017

Getting Close…ACA 2017

The heavies…ACA 2017

Upto 100kg 

Top 6 lineups and awards – ACA 2017

Never miss a camera moment…ACA 2017

And then the Pros landed…..ACA 2017

Top 6 lineup ACA 2017

ACA 2017

Semis – ACA 2017

Monster Muzi – ACA 2017

More lineups ACA 2017

Arnold Classic – more lineups

Arnold classic – top 6 and awards

Arnold Classic 2017

Arnolds Africa 2017


Joe Manjoo posing


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