4 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays While Still Keeping Your Mind And Body Fit

During the holidays and especially the festive season, it’s so easy to fall into the mind set that it’s the holidays and we can take a break from training and eat whatever we want. It becomes even more difficult when we are surrounded with so many different tasty treats as is mostly the case during this time.

Here are 4 small points to remember during the holiday season to help you maintain your fitness, but to enable you to still live a little and enjoy this special time. After all we do need to give our mind and body a slight break once in a while.

1. Maintain your exercise regime

Make sure to still do some exercise throughout the holidays, even if it’s less than you normally do. It’s natural to allow yourself a little bit of time off from training but try not to completely stop exercising as this can make it very difficult for you to start again in the new year. Even a short jog every second day would be a great way to unwind and to maintain your fitness levels.

 2. Live a little

Understand that it has been a long year and hopefully you have worked hard throughout the year, whether it be at work or with your training and eating right.

Thus it is a good idea to take some time for yourself and live a little and enjoy some of the things which you haven’t throughout the year.

So go out with your friends, enjoy eating out here and there, allow yourself to not be too strict with your diet and training. We do all need some sort of a break now and then. Just do not overdo it, and use it as an excuse to go all out and order the most fatty and greasiest foods out there. There are still an abundant amount of healthy and tasty meals available to you when dining out.

3. Portion control

When it comes to the Christmas season, there are always so many wonderful things to eat, but one look at the amount of calories involved in some of the foods, could send your mind spiralling. So just remember, if you want to indulge in some of those foods, you can, but be conscious of your portion sizes. So allow yourself one slice of cake for example, instead of having 2 or 3 slices. Or when dishing out a meal be sure to exercise portion control with everything you eat, and when you are just shy of being full, stop eating instead of going for seconds and stuffing yourself.

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4. Time is something you will never get back

One aspect of life which people often learn the hard way is the lesson of enjoying and living in the moment. And appreciating the time you have with the people closest to you. Time is one thing you can never get back, so cherish the moments that you have and make the most of every single day. Be happy and spend as much time with your loved ones as possible,  make as many great memories as possible, especially if you can only see them for a limited time during these holidays.

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