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Be Free And Run Free!

The beauty of calisthenics and parkour (and some parts of gymnastics) is that you don’t need much equipment and the outdoors can be your playground, and hey it beats running on a treadmill or an orbitrec! Chinwe had some fun practicing a few jumps and flips all over the place! I hope you enjoy it! […]

How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years By Daniel Ally | TEDx Talk

A great speech by Daniel Ally on what it takes to be successful in your own way, by providing 3 key principles to follow. Daniel Ally became a self-made millionaire at the age of 24. It all started when he realized that he was living far below his potential. After years of drug abuse and […]

The RIGHT Form And Technique To Deadlift And Plank, The Hollow Body Way

When it comes to big compound lifts like deadlifts and squats, many people think they know the correct technique and posture for them, but in most cases they are a bit off. The most common problem is slouching your back over (like the guy on the left in the illustration below). People new to deadlifting […]

Gravity Core Calisthenics Motivation, Front Lever Air Walks And More!

I met up with a few members from Team Gravity Core in Johannesburg, and managed to do a bit of calisthenics training as well as capture some incredible footage of these guys doing what they do best! I hope you enjoy it and it motivates you as much as it did me! View more cool calisthenics photos […]