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Otium Bluetooth Earphones Unboxing And Review | Full Video

Bluetooth earphones have been around for quite some time, but I only just came to the party recently and bought the Otium bluetooth sports earphones from Amazon. I gave them a try and this is a review on them from my own experience.     Check out the full calisthenics training video I did in […]

Ballop Sky Blue Fashion Sneakers Review

This review is on the Ballop Sky Blue Fashion Sneakers.  Actos, manufactured in South Korea and China, makes a range of products, from sunglasses and sneakers, to aqua and skin-fit shoes.  Speed Shelf Trading is the Official importer of Actos and Ballop V1 Lite & V2 Range of Skin Shoes to Cape Town, South Africa. Swim shoes […]

Chocolates by Tomes 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Review

I have always been a lover of dark chocolate and really prefer the less sweet and more cocoa tasting chocolate. The problem, is finding really good quality and great tasting dark chocolate. Thus I thought I would review and provide a short write up on any dark chocolate I try out. Hopefully it can provide […]