Category: Motivational Articles, A Crowdfunding Philanthropy Platform, Where YOU Can Make A Difference!, a crowdfunding philanthropy platform, is empowering South Africa’s sporting community to make their training and races contribute towards positive change in our country. Their current #Whatif campaign rewards physical exercise with monetary allocations towards five prominent local non-profits. Those visionary organisations who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to carrying out truly life changing work in communities […]

Hard Truths About Fitness Industry Misconceptions!

In any industry there are so many myths and misconceptions due to so much ‘information’ and marketing going around. This couldn’t be more true in the fitness industry, where everyone is trying to sell you some new product or supplement to help you lose weight, ‘tone up’, or pack on the muscle. It can be […]

Jump Start Your Motivation By Surrounding Yourself With The Right People!

Sometimes it can be easy to start something, but difficult to maintain. You can get into training for example, with so much enthusiasm and initially maintain it for some time, but then after a while the motivation and energy can take a small dip. It’s natural of course to have periods of more energy and periods of […]

Social Media Tips For New Fitness Athletes And Models

With social media available to everyone nowadays, more and more athletes and fitness ‘models’ are creating pages and are active on social media. While that is pretty great, there are some things that new athletes should probably be aware of when posting things, though small they can end up having quite an effect. Here are […]

Social Media Truths And The Personalities We Follow

Social media has become part of life nowadays, to some people it is as much as part of their everyday life as REAL life and it can be hard to sometimes differentiate the two. Social media has many great aspects, such as keeping in touch with friends and family, a source of motivation and encouragement, […]

The Plateau Dilemma, Dealing With Slow Progress!

Did you ever find yourself in this situation. Initially you feel really motivated and excited to do something, be it to get started and get in shape or to work on something in the hopes of achieving a goal. You set out and start to get into a rhythm knowing that you have to be […]

Fancy A Career Change To The Fitness And Health Sector?

The fitness and health sector is currently more popular than ever. With more and more people getting into fitness and body building, the industry is currently getting more exposure than ever before which means if you fancy a career change and are passionate about the industry and helping people transform their lives, now’s probably the […]

François Beya On Having a Power Mentality And Overcoming The Odds

You have been through quite a set back in terms of training and life through your accident, tell us a bit about what happened: Well hahaha, this was a lesson I deserved, I’ll summarise it for you. It was a few months after I had decided to start competing. I was coming off a win […]

Dealing With Post Fitness Competition Blues

Fitness and bodybuilding competitions are an amazing aspect of the ‘fitness lifestyle’.. in most cases. They are a great way to make new friends and meet people with the same level of interest (or insanity to actually compete :p), especially in this relatively small niche of competing, every positive like minded friend is something special […]